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    I've just bought an imported 2007 Elysion Prestige (the one with the big engine).
    I have a shed load of questions, but also some answers...
    I'll start with a couple of questions
    1. Has anyone managed to bluetooth connect their phone? I get that the voice control won't work unless I learn to speak Japanese, but it would be useful to be able to answer incoming calls with the steering wheel buttons.
    2. Will the in-dash DVD only play NTSC DVDs, or is there a way of making it play UK/PAL DVDs?
    ...and an 'answer'
    - I found a copy of the Japanese manual online and, after jumping through quite a few hoops, have managed to get an Englsh translated version in Microsoft Word format. It's a very literal translation, but you can usually get the gist. If anyone wants a copy I can share it. Maybe post it on this site? (not sure about copyright or file size restrictions)
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    @camera_geek I will send you a PM we can exchange email addresses and then we can publish that for you on here. Thanks
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