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    Hi guys,
    Have you ever wondered how to manually unlock the door in case of an emergency? Let's say that in an accident you lose power. Normally you have those little door knobs that you pull to unlock the door. Our cars don't have them... is there a way to unlock the door without it?
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    Does the legend have door locks that when you pull the interior handle it automatically releases the locks anyway on the first pull? You then have to pull it a second time to open the door. I know some cars have this.
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    It doesn't work this way, unfortunately... but there is a small locking :tut: next to the handle. When you push it, it definitely locks all the doors, but when u pull it, it seems like it's a mechanical unlocking mechanism. Need to unplug battery to make sure it actually works properly.
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    Don't you mean the little knobs that click on and off ubove each inside handle? They lock unlock the door?
    My Audi did not even have that as an option... you had to dismantle the door in order to manually lock the door. And the door had to be open in order to do that.
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    :Grin: We all took the piss out of an A4 owner on S2Ki, when his wife got stuck in his Audi.

    Maybe we were being a bit previous...
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    The Keyless entry on my old IS250 was like that, the first go opened the locks and the second opened the door.

    You couldn't lock keys inside the car either, very good locking system on that car.