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    Just been reading my energy bill statement , which contains the following statement ;

    Safety notice: To ensure your safety, our metering agent will inspect your meter at least every two years. The last time this took place for Gas was 28/05/2014 and for Electricity was 01/01/1900.

    Looks like he's working his way up the country ! I've been waiting 115 years apparently !

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    London and the South East are clearly the priority...

    ...and quite right too :Laughing:
    - - - Updated - - -
    Sorry, I forgot - "Northern Powerhouse" blah blah blah.

    Vote Conservative and we'll make sure you get your meters checked? I thought it was all about building railways...:lol:
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    @ firsthonda
    I used to live in St. Albans not to far from the Barley Mow pub in Tyttenhanger
    Those were the days of Real Ale in the 1980's
    Me suspects the meter reader is to be found in there enjoying a half of Owd Roger

    image. Best selection of beers I've seen and consumed in one pub ! Pity it closed .
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    In my student days in Exeter (early 1990s) we occasionally took a trip to The Beer Engine. Although it is still there and open, pubs like these are fewer and fewer in number.


    Beer Engine - Pub and Brewery