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    Justthinking about buying one of those engine code readers. Can anyone please advise if they are anygood and if so which ones would you recommend?
    Would be a bonus if it could also read BMW series 1 faults.

    Thanks in advance. Trend
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    To read all the Honda bespoke subsystems you'll need a Honda Interface Module (HIM) along with Honda Diagnostic Software (HDS). You can find "cheap" clones on eBay, though by cheap that's about £80-90 compared to the hundreds on genuine equipment. The other known option is Snap-On Diagnostics which will likely read any bespoke BMW codes as well, @SpeedyGee can tell you more about exactly what works with it.
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    Thanks for the info
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    Snap On route is very expensive, as you first need to buy the Snap On unit, then you need to pay for "keys" for various makes of car.

    If you wanted to go SnapOn route best thing would be to look for a second hand reader which comes with a set of keys.

    I think in your case you maybe only needing a bog standard OBD reader. There's a couple of OBD code reader review thread in the Tools & Equipment section