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    Yet another thread from sunny Cyprus, this time I am back on the knowledge search for my braking and engine cutting out, yep it is still doing it, but encase you are not shore what I have put before a will explain again, some one may well of had the same problem, and here it is: When I apply the foot brake, the engine stops, Ah you would think it must be the brake servo, I thought the same, but not so, how do I know? by taking out the brake light fuse, Yep that's it, if I take out the brake light fuse the engines runs fine when I press the brake pedal, no brake lights mind you, but the engine doesn't stop either. From the wiring diagram I have been able to muster together there is a wire of the same colour code that runs to the TCU, but as my car does not have a TCU I will assume it goes to the ECU, so, when I depress the foot brake pedal it will also sent a feed to the ECU, now then, could it be that the ECU is faulty? if so is there a (Tefal) man out there that can tell me how to check this, remembering also that I can't find a "colour" wiring diagram the same as my car, by the way it's a JDM ( Japanese domestic market) model car, of course it has to be different to any one else. Well guys I await in anticipation of a positive reply. P.S, My car is an automatic, when I take out the fuse the selector solenoid does not work either so it is working off the same fuse, and I have checked out the solenoid the best I can as its a sealed unit and it works fine, (when the fuse is in of course), so I now have to leave the car in neutral or I have to keep using something to put in the over ride slot. I think that's about it really, so guys it's over to you, who ever come up with the solution gets a free drink on me when they come to Cyprus, hi hi hi.
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    Bri any feedback on this bud, haven't heard from you for ages.
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    Hi Every one, sorry for not getting back to you all, I have aquired a full time job at a computor shop to help some one out as his coligue has been called up into the army, yes they still have comscription here in Cyprus. The Honda Accord is going well, \i have managed to bypass the brake lights frmo the ECM, so at least I have brake lights, but not solved the ECM problem, I know where I can one but it's 100 euro so I shall leave it for the time being, other than tnat the cars still runnung good, the offside rear electric window not working, I will check this out at the earliest convieneance, MOT due in December and I need new tyres all round plus a water bottle washer motor, tyres aare ok to get here washer moters not so easy, will probably have to be UK. The front indicators are in the front bumper and looking ok, now I need to get a spray job done on it to finish the job. For the year of the car it is in remarkable condition, ah yes I need a pair of wiper blades as well, remember the MOT's here are for two years. Next month I will put in for a pre MOT and see what happens. I will do my best to keep you all uptodate on the progress of this old classic Accord.