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    Hi, Guys, well here I am again from sunny and warm Cyprus, just about settled in my new appartment, now see if you can get your heads around this one then, if you remember I have had problems with my vacuum systym in effect the engine dying at unpridictable times of driving intill I gave it some tought and realised that it was every time I applied the foot brake, so my thoughts go to the brake servo, could this be the problem? or a vacuum leak some where in the system so when I use the brake survo it changes the air vacuum requiered for the engine to run? me thinks, I will disconnect the servo from the vacuum system and try that, brilliant it worked, untill now, and it has started again, A HA me thinks then it can not be a vacuum problem, just a coincedence?, Hmmm lets take another look here, so when I depress the foot brake the engine dies, now then what has the foot brake got to do with the engine, well in it's self nothing, but electricaly quite a bit, you see I have noticed also that the gear select solinoid has become quit noisy in it's action of late, a pronounced clicking noise, so what would cause this except perhaps a power increase, so what would cause the power differance, in taking further investigations into this matter it appears that the ECM and TCM power feeds are also connected to the brake swith curcuit, A HA now we are getting some where, so when I depress the foot brake the switch is activated, become live and effects the ECM and TCM, so how do we test this out, well I reconnected the brake servo and removed the the brake light fuse, OK so no brake lights (this is Cyprus), hey presto all is OK, at the moment, I will keep this up for a couple of weeks unless i get pooled over with no brake lights and see what happens, its all a prosess of elimination, for me time is not a problem, to take it to a garage; what would the cost be? as long as it takes? no thanks, an open cheque book, dangerouse, expencive at most. P.S. I forgot, I still have my engine warning light comming on at times, no reason, if it doesn't come on now I worry, silly realy but I got so used to seeing it now I will miss it when all is OK, I know I'm a little old softy realy. My next job here me thinks is to have a look at the ECM and the TCM I know they are printed curcuit boards but I may, just may see something that points to the problem, or as in another posting I see perhaps just a loose earth, sorry (ground) for the Americans on the gear box, watch this space for more exciting revelations.
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    Sounds like you've been having fun :Smile: