Bulletins & Advisories Engine fault Excessive Oil Consumption on Civic/CR-V NP4 Engine only

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    Yesterday for the first time I saw a CR-V engine pop one of it valves , this is a rare manufacturing fault affecting only a 1000 vehicles. Honda are aware of this and issued a TSB for the same. This TSB was issued in 2009 and Honda had instructed dealers to check the affected VIN numbers and carry out the repairs prior to delivery.

    Please Note NP4 Engine are the R series 1.8(R18A2) & 2.0 (R20A2) Petrol Engines.

    The Symptom

    Excessive engine oil consumption.
    IMPORTANT: Engines are not fitted in sequence on the production line therefore not all vehicles within the affected VIN range will be fitted with engines within the affected engine range. It is the engine number which is the deciding factor for this concern.

    Example: 1,000 potentially affected engines have been fitted into a VIN range of 2,000 vehicles.

    The Cause

    Damage to outside surface of Inlet valve guide of No 3 cylinder during cylinder head assembly.

    A - Valve Stem
    B - Valve Guide (Damage shown)
    C - Cylinder head

    Valve stems & Guide Damage.JPG

    Affected Vin Range
    Affected vehicles must first be identified by VIN number and then by Engine number.
    For all models check the VIN first, then confirm the ENGINE number. If the ENGINE number is NOT within the range but the VIN number is, NO REPAIR is required.

    Civic 3 Door Affected Vin Range
    SHHFN1***8U004451 to SHHFN1***8U005470
    Affected Engine Range
    R18A2-3028549 to R18A23038177

    Civic 5 Door Affected Vin Range EU Market
    SHHFK2***8U023324 to SHHFK2***8U032298
    Affected Engine Range (All markets)
    R18A2-3026238 to R18A2-3038177

    CR-V Affected Vin Range

    SHSRE5***8U019452 to SHSRE5***8U028658
    Affected Engine Range
    R20A2-2019366 to R20A2-2028158

    How to spot this

    First the owner will see a drastic increase in oil consumption and all Honda dealers have been instructed to inspect all cylinder one and cylinder three spark plugs.

    • Remove Ignition coils for #1 and #3 cylinders.
    • Remove spark plugs.
    • Compare #1 and #3 spark plug colour and condition using below photos as a guide.

    New/Very low mileage vehicle:

    NP4 spark plugs.JPG

    Spark plug on right side (#3) has shiny/wet appearance from oil deposit.

    Vehicle In Service (2000 miles)

    Spark plug on right side (#3) has heavy dark soot deposit from burned oil. If oil deposit is evident on #3 spark plug then proceed
    with replacement of cylinder head.

    NP4 spark plugs 2.JPG

    Here is one outside the warranty period and was not one of the affected VIN;s and cylinder three was fine!

    Np4 engine first spark plug.

    The damage the hole in the valve.

    R20A2 Valve blown.

    Parts Information

    Note: Some components will be required to be exchanged from old cylinder head to new ex.Camshaft/Rocker Assy/VTEC Solenoid/Water Outlet. All required gaskets and new spark plugs are included.

    NP4 head all built up.JPG

    And fitted

    NP4 head fitted.

    The best bit Honda to help out have made new built up head for £88.00 plus Vat.
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    This is only applicable to all Swindon made NP4 engine, the NP4 engines produced in Japan don't have this issue.