Engine & Gearbox Engine help needed please(9th Generation)

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    Looking for some expert advice please.


    Purchased Honda 1.6 Ditec sport 2015 with 19K on the clock. All good and running fine returning approx 60-65 MPG on a run.

    No record of service history despite being a new car so I decided to get my local garage to service it - reason being I live out in the sticks and didn't have luxury of time before a 700 mile round trip.

    Service went ok, no faults reported.

    Few days later engine started sounding louder intermittently and fuel economy dropped to around 50 MPH. Took to Honda under the 3 year manufacturer warranty that was apparently valid still.

    At first the noise didnt present itself but they did say at Honda that the wrong oil had been used, whilst there I phoned my local garage who done the service, they said they put in 5W30 C2 low sap/ash and new oil filter.

    Initially Honda were unable to diagnose the noise but then after a road test they were able to to hear it. They couldn't see what it was but said that as a minimum I needed to have the correct oil put in there which they did immediately (ow16 green oil) and a new oil filter. They stated that there was possible engine wear as there were some swarf shaving in the oil, I didn't witness this but they stated on the report that a strip down to investigate further would be required. The intermittent noise remained when I left the Honda dealership.

    However the next day the car started performing better back to how it was pre the original service (1500-200 miles earlier) and the engine noise quietened down too. However the next day the intermittent sound came back not ass loud but definitely not quiet like the engine is on a run.

    Frustratingly yy Honda warranty is void now because there is no record of the first service (12k) ,it was an ex MOD car so I can't imagine it wasnt done but I just cannot locate details of it and definitely recorded on the Honda systems,the fact the wrong oil was used to be honest is't worth arguing now as the previous point makes it void anyway.

    So , what would you guys do here , I imagine a strip down is needed but are there any pointers , best case/worst case etc . The car is driving perfectly, Im under no illusion that its going to be cheap so have prepared myself to sell a kidney but if you have any advice or ways to confirm it I'd appreciate.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems.
    First question would be Is it out of your 3 month statutory warranty under a purchase agreement from who you bought it off, if it had one?
    Things to check for additional noise and lower fuel consumption could be;
    1. Air filter not fitted correct and the air filter house not closed correctly allowing more air in. The additional noise could be induction noise.
    2. Exhaust, is the manifold loose/blowing?
    3. Is there a hole in the the exhaust along the any of the full length
    4. Is the CAT blocked? Try something like Cataclean to see if it helps?
    5. Check for any loose or unattached breather pipes.
    Those should be some quick simple checks, don't be fooled by the fact you have taken it to Honda they surely must have checked for these, my air box wasn't closed correctly on my Civic following a service by Honda.

    Hope that's of some help and you get it sorted.
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    Remember that you have six months "guarantee" in law. If any serious fault develops it is assumed that it was there before you purchased the car. Look at your rights in law. Check out HonestJohn's website.

    There is a lot of advice on this site for new and used cars.
    You may not have helped the situation by getting it serviced locally.
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    Many thanks for your replies guys really appreciate it, not sure on the warranty one as I just checked and it did have warranty for 6 month warranty on the engine and gearbox but he put a clause which I missed at the time as I wouldn't have agreed to it that said 6 months or 3000 miles which ever is the sooner (I've done over the around 4000 miles frustratingly) but will try my luck anyway.

    Also the possible causes above , thanks , it's definitely engine related , sounds ok but then sounds like a tractor or an old diesel shed especially on tickover and you can hear it in the lower gears as well , not so apparent on the top speeds but that might because I am getting older and the hearing isn't what it was and the road noise from the tyres is quite high so may be cancelling it out.

    It drives faultlessly though which is a pain as I know I have a big bill on my hands ;o(
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    The six months "guaranty" is a legal right and nothing to do with whatever the dealer supplies. If the car is not right then it is up to the dealer to fix it.
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    thanks, you think even though I have done 4k miles without reporting it to him i still have a case ?
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    I would think that "normal use" would apply, so 4k miles does not sound excessive to me. I would consult the "HonestJohn" site for more legal info on this. Basically if the car isnt right then he has to fix it. Within six months it is his problem, and it is not unusual for car dealers to claim it is your problem, not theirs. Give him another chance to fix it, then send a registered letter to the dealer boss advising him of your complaint in detail, and educate him on the legal position.

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