Engine & Gearbox engine knocking badly and won't turn on - Honda Accord i-ctdi 2.2

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by rehan2k7, Sunday 17th Feb, 2013.

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    hi all this is my first post i been told to ask for help here by honest john forum.

    i have just recently purchased Honda accord I-CTDI 82k on the clock 04 plate with No service history from ebay yesterday and today

    huge problem with the car now, stalled on the road while driving won't turn on - called RAC and he towed to the house engine is making huge knocking noise and won't turn on at all

    RAC guy said its either injectors or something is floating in the engine probably piston broken or something have to take it apart to see it.

    i live in reading area any one can help me figure what is wrong with the car? or may be address of Honda Specialist.

    many thanks
  2. Hi and welcome

    Sorry to hear this, TBH this sounds like bad news

    Not something anyone can diagnose on an internet forum

    You may want to think about remedies against the seller, especially if they are in the trade

    These engines are for sale on ebay for around a grand and then about £500 to fit I believe if you wanted to go that way
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    Hello there rehan and welcome to AOC.
    I was the one who saw your post on Honest John and recommended you come here.
    Please pop over to the welcome section and introduce yourself.
    I purposely joined HJ so you could get some proper advice here.
    I don't think it's your injectors or a piston.
    Sounds more like you've broken your timing chain or more likely your oil pump chain.
    It's going to be a fairly expensive job if it is either of the above.
    It needs to be properly diagnosed.
  4. If it is a broken chain, again it would be 1k minimum, assuming no other damage.
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    Double it if they can't get the injectors out cleanly.
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    Thank you for your reply - i have called the seller he is home trade and its just been 24hours since i got the car and this happend he has stated he will come and inspect and will check and decide which way we go!
  7. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    You've had some good input there from RobB and Sayama and it does sound quite catastrophic, you need someone to have a look at it.

    If there's any internal damage probably better to source a replacement engine, rather than throwing money at trying to repair this engine.
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    Thanks Rob i shall pop over there to introduce my self - i never ever thought in my wildest dream honda will die on me! had BMW and merc died but those are understandable as driven by boy racers - what happend to honda ?
  9. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Honda is reliable as ever mate.
    But and this is a big BUT if the diesel isn't looked after properly it will fail and probably fail catastrophically.
    They need regular oil changes around 6k and regular fuel filter changes every 25k.
    If the person you bought it from is a trader (no such thing as a home trader) it's their problem to fix.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Hi Rehan, welcome to AOC.
    You say that you purchased your Honda yesterday off eBay. How did the seller advertise this car? In the description did it infer that it was a good runner or similar and was there any mention of a warranty ( regardless of how short)? If the car is not as described in the description I would try for a money back situation under trade description . Unfortunately when buying a car without a service record you cannot be sure what maintenance the car has had. Failure to change filters and oil, particularly on a diesel can cause catastrophic failure on any make or model.
    I hope you resolve your problem at least cost to yourself.
    Mike c
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    update - the dealer came today and took the car away to repair and has left me with loan car till then, i hope he does do a good job and not just fobbing me off.
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    Hey bud welcome to AOC
    Sorry your first post was not good news. Hondas are reliable but with everything they have to be maintained. Glad to hear the seller has taken this in hand but when you get her back i would check as to exactly what they have done in the way of repairs.

    Above advice is all solid sound advice oil changes are a must as is correct grade of oil. All can be found at very reasonable prices with club discount same applies to Honda genuine part which you can get mail order very reasonably from our affiliated Honda Dealer and they are cheaper than alto of after market rubbish you pick up on the net or at local motor factors.

    Keep us posted on developments bud never nice to hear a fellow Accord driver is in distress..
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    thank you primarycare - he did took the engine cover out and showed me chain is in good condition and there is no sign of wear on it (i don't know anything about engine - but he said look for marks and wear on it so there wasnt any) he told me he did changed the fuel filter direct from honda and he also did change oil chain pump.

    what i would like to understand is there anything i can check out once it comes back from repair that it is good to keep or its on its way out sooon?

    appreciate all the help from the guys here!
  14. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Ask the dealer what was the exact fault with the car.
    I'm not convinced by his response.
    Did he change the oil pump or the chain.
    If it was the chain it would suggest that the timing chain is probably worn as well.
  15. rehan2k7 Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    sure i will speak to him today asking for fault, he told me it was oil pump chain which he changed and showed me timing chain when he took engine block off and said its fine and no need for that to change.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Having spoken with dealer he told me the big end was gone - due to wrong oil used and there is no other damage at all. What is a big end i have no idea is that serious - worth keeping the car or getting rid?

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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Big end is the term used to describe the large end of one of the conrods (connecting rods), these are the rods that connect the pistons to the crankshaft. If your car has 4 pistons there will be 4 "big ends". Normally if the big end is described as "gone" it means that the big end bearing has excessive wear and as such the con rod starts to "rattle around"on the crankshaft. This normally starts as a quiet rattle but as wear increases turns into a louder knocking noise. This will not normally stop the car unless it gets so bad that the connecting rod becomes detached from the crankshaft. Con rods have been known to breakthrough the side of the engine, this would of course right off the engine block.
    Wear in the timing chain would give a rattling noise from the engine and could effect the timing of the engine. if it becomes too stretched it could jump a cog and completely alter the engine timing. This could and probably would stop the engine.
    If the wrong oil has been used and effectively worn the big end there is a fair chance that the other end of the con rods (the little ends) could also be worn.
    A worn oil pump normally means that the oil pump gears that compress the oil to give the required oil pressure are worn and so the oil pressure is insufficient to lubricate all the working parts of the engine, causing wear to take place.
    Hope this enlightens you a little.
    Hope you get it sorted
    regards Mike c
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  17. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    From what you say I very much doubt this dealers response.
    It seems every time you speak to him he tells you something different.
    Something stopped the engine.
    I think if the big ends had gone that badly, it would be scrap.
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    I tend to agree with RobB all of the above could be true but not sure your getting the full picture here from the dealer.

    Now I could be wrong and doing him an injustice, big end will be big bucks and if the oil chain was needed how is he so sure the cam chain was OK?
    I am not so sure.
    Now I am no mechanic or an expert but this does not sound right to me. How could he tell from looking with the rocker cover off that the chain was in good order, did he in anyway check the tension of the chain? Also wrong grade of oil if that was the case I feel sure would have effected the chains as well as the big end.. Tread carefully bud and don't let him blind you with garbage double talk otherwise known as Bull POO.. I would also ask him for ALL the parts he has replaced as to be honest they are your now being the owner of the car.
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    It's knackered mate. Get your money back. No debate, get the cash.
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  20. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I'd be asking for my money back if I were in your shoes. No point spending that much money and ending up with a car that isn't right.