Engine & Gearbox Engine Management Light and Limp Mode at 70mph

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by AccordBuzz, Tuesday 21st Apr, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    I am wondering if you could help me.

    Today, randomly, as I was driving on the motorway the car's EML came on and power dropped as I was randomly cruising at 70+10mph.

    I was driving steady for about 25minutes and the car randomly and suddenly dropped power while instantaneously the EML came on. I don't know if the EML came on because of the drop in power or the drop in power came from the EML being turned on. What confused me is that it wasn't quite limp mode as I was still able to drive at 60mph.

    Does anybody have any ideas? The car is a 2.2iDtec auto and all I know is that I filled it up with BP Ultimate a few days ago. But this is great fuel and have filled up with it in the past.

    It seems that the turbo isnt quite kicking in since the issue too. I don't know if this is down to the limp mode (if it even is limp mode)
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    It's probably DPF related. You need to get the codes read see what the EML light is for.
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