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Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by alg, Monday 5th Mar, 2012.

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    Can anyone tell me how to reset the Engine Management Light? After fitting the new power steering rack, I foolishly left the rear sensor disconnected on the cat. while starting the engine to flush through the resevior and HP supply pipe. The EML has stayed on since. I have tried removing fuse 6(ECU) and 13(Startup) for 30 mins from drivers side fuse box to no avail. Didn't really want to disconnect battery, as I don't have radio code.
  2. Does the radio need a code? The one on my 6th Generation didn't.
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    Bit the bullit and remved the -ve battery terminal, for 30 mins and then reconnected, the Engine Management light is now out.
    The radio does need a code on this car and found it in the Service Manual! The sticker with the code on it obscured what the figures were actully for. I will log in regularly to this site, you never know I might be able to help someone else one day!

    Thank you everyone for all your help it was most appreciated.
  4. Great news - glad it's sorted.

    Fortune favours the brave as they say.
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    Glad you got sorted. :Smile: