Engine & Gearbox Engine Oil Specification For DPF (i-DTEC)

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    I use Mobil 1 ESP 0w-30, don't know about the Honda Diesel Oil, but Mobil 1 is good stuff!

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    Support British industry and use Morris oils.

    My previous Honda dealer used them, and they have a good reputation as far as I can tell.


    Back Brexit. Buy British.
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    Videos have been updated, now cold start comparison between 10w 30, 5w 30, and 0w 30 in previous post.
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    New to this forum and need some advice... My Civic 2.2 diesel 2012 I-DTEC is due for servicing in months time and i was wondering what oil to buy... I've purchased Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 last year but find it's quite expensive!

    My Civic has done 77k and I do about 10k a year...

    I was interested in Lubetech oil but not sure as I've never heard of the brand although the gallon/packaging looks very similar to original Honda engine oil!

    Any suggestions most welcome as well as any discount codes... My Mrs Civic 2010 I-CDTI is also due a service so could use the same oil if cost effective.

    Thanks in advance

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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    You can use the I-DTEC spec oil in the I-CTDI but not the other way round.

    Using the wrong oil in your engine will cause you DPF problems as well as EGR issues.
    See the first post of this thread for details
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