Engine & Gearbox Engine oil storage/degradation

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    I'm thinking of buying the Optima LSH 0w30 Fully Synthetic Low Saps Engine oil ACEA C-2 from Lubetech for 6,000m engine oil/filter changes. Given the oil/filter changes at the annual dealer service, this would last 4 years! Does engine oil degrade over time, and are there any particular storage conditions required? In normal event it would be stored in my garage throughout the seasonal variations in temperature.
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    Hi Lisbon, you don't say if it's a Petrol or Diesel model you have. You need ACAE C-3 for a diesel. Something to do with the low acidic properties needed for EGR and to help prevent DPF contamination.
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    @Bomber209 If you look at the car he has entered into the Club Garage, (picture and overview at the bottom of his post) then you will see he has a N16A CR-V. The N16A engine is the 1.6 1-DTEC diesel unit.
    The recommended oil is 0W-30 ACEA C2/C3
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    Thanks for replies.
    Seems to me that moisture absorption by oil stored in an opened container would be the main concern. Thinking about it, if stored in dry conditions, I would get 3 mid service changes in 2 years and it would still work out cheaper.