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    I encountered a strange problem on my drive home from work this evening. Driving steadily at 30mph I notice a big drop in power and my engine warning light comes on. I pull over and refer to the manual. After following the advice of starting the engine over at 30 second and intervals, the warning is still on but I manage to drive the remaining 3 miles home.

    I ring my local dealer who can't guarantee me a booking any time soon but advise that check the oil. I topped up a couple of months ago so I doubted it would be low oil but I check anyway.

    The engine cover from the cap over half the engine to the right looks wet with oil! The cap is sealed. No obvious leaks. What on earth is going on? Any advice would be most welcome.

    I'm running a 59 plate I-CDTI with 65k on the clock with full service history.
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    Without looking at the car it's impossible to say. Ant pictures?
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    If the engine warning light came on, then a fault code will have been raised. You really need to get that fault code read using a suitable OBD2 code reader (any garage will have one, but don't pay much for this as you can buy your own code reader quite cheaply). Where do you live, maybe a local HK member will offer to read the code for you (I would, if you were near me).

    I'm guessing you may have a fuel leak - did the oil covering the engine small like diesel?
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    Thanks for the replies. There is no smell of diesel so I think it's oil. I've posted a few photos.

    The spot of fluid on the top the coolant reservoir was gold in colour - like fresh engine oil.

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    Has it recently been topped up with oil? Is there oil on the underside of the bonnet?

    Maybe you should remove the plastic engine cover and take a proper look to see the full extent of this leak... it's easy - remove the 4 obvious M6/10mm AF nuts, very carefully remove the 4 washers, then lift off the cover (it is OK to run the engine and even drive around with this cover off, but do be careful not to damage any of the connectors/actuators/ sensors that will become revealed).

    If it isn't diesel then maybe this leakage isn't related to the engine warning light? I still think you need to have the stored fault code read to be sure what the engine is unhappy with.... lots of people have OBD2 readers, do you know someone who has one and can read the code for you?
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    I topped up the oil a couple of months ago after the low oil light came on. Possible oil on underside of bonnet. I've tried to take off the engine cover but they are on tight and I'm starting to butcher the nuts so I'm going to leave it. No mates with a reader. I'll just have to hope the dealer can fit me in on Monday.


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    Reading around, I do wonder if I overfilled the oil a bit back. With yesterday being the hottest day of the year so far, it might have just tipped it over the edge.
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    Update - started the engine just now after two attempts. Now engine warning light has gone but the engine sounds a little rough and the revs are a bit jumpy. No sign of anymore fluid (oil?) leaking. Bizarre.
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    You should be able to make a reasonable stab at what the fluid is by rubbing your fingers in it and comparing the smell to, say, the dipstick oil or the radiator contents (when cold!)... you've already ruled out diesel, which is good. But I think it's a red herring and there is probably something else causing the running problems.

    Shame you don't have your own code reader... you can get something quite usable for under 15 pounds (or half that if you buy an ELM327 from Amazon or eBay, but you need an Android device to work with those cheap Bluetooth ones). You'll pay more than that to have a garage read the code for you! Maybe buy yourself one for next time, they'll work on practically all post-2001 vehicles so you'll be able to help your friends as well and 'win' lots of drinks!

    As Beefy already said, it's pretty hard to give much advice without being able to see more, but unfortunately you couldn't get the engine cover off. But reading the stored diagnostic trouble code (DTC) when the engine warning light comes on is always a sensible course of action.

    Please do report back on what the garage finds on Monday... I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested!
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    I need a replacement accelerator pedal sensor apparently. I'm not sure how a faulty sensor would explain the oil on the engine cover and coolant reservoir though. I've asked them to look at this again.
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    Coincidence? But - if you had to top-up a short while ago - then there could well be a leak, which may explain that stain?

    I still suggest you buy a code reader just in case you need it again!
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    Agree with @Zebster here - an OBD II reader is so cheap, its worth it. Assuming you have either an android or iPhone, you can get free apps which connect through the reader and pulls basic codes off. It won't access ABS codes etc, but basic codes it will pull and identify easily

    Something like that
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    That's certainly a lot less than what I'm due to pay my dealer for running the diagnostics. In fairness though, they checked out more than just the code.
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    To be honest, I hadn't opened the bonnet since the last top up so it could have looked that way for the past two months! Time will tell if the sensor does the trick. Fingers crossed.
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    Well the car is running much more smoothly than before so the sensor has certainly improved matters. The oil has been marked down as an old spillage as there was no sign of a leak.

    Thanks for all of your advice.