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    I've just bought a 2010 (59 plate) ES GT, 2.2 diesel. I really like the look of the car, but I need to have a towbar. Because of the GT styling kit, I wonder if the rear bumper will need to be cut significantly? Has anyone had a towbar fitted to an ES GT if so what would you advise?

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    The Honda website shows a couple of towbar options in the accessories section, one fixed and one detachable.

    From the small picture it looks as though it fits under the rear bumper, but I can't see whether the photo is for an ES GT. I guess best option is to talk to a Honda dealer and see what they say.

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    i have a 58 plate ES GT tourer and the bumper isnt cut at all, i don't even need or will use it but im keeping it incase someone rams me
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    Im not sure I follow your logic there. If someone rams you you want the chassis to take the full force rather than the crumple zone ? Crumple zone damage is repairable, chassis distortion not.
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    The old man had a Vauxhall Frontera about 10 years ago, he had to slam his brakes on one day on the A road running outside of our village. A 4th Generation Golf went into the back of him. 100% write-off, radiator was pretty much in the glove box.

    They hit straight into the towbar and their wasn't a mark on the Frontera, even the bar's black paint was still in good nick.

    He did however have some back axle problems as something on the rear chassis was partially twisted. Unfortunately he'd long settled the insurance by the time it was diagnosed.
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    I rest my case, your honour :Smile:
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    I put one on my car exactly the same as yours if its the saloon.
    You have to remove the bumper which needs 2 people if you don't want to damage it, 2 small slots needed to be cut into the bumper, but easy to do.
    I leave the back part off, as i only rarely use it for a bike rack and this means that the reverse sensors still work.
    Only takes about 5 minutes to reattach, the ball part.
    Electrics i did with a cheap bypass relay, and a socket, mains for the electrics was taken from a spare fuse (31 I think) under the steering wheel, (you can by a special fuse with a cable coming out the top for this on ebay).
    Hope this is helpfull.

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    Yes mine is the saloon, and thanks for the photo. What make is the towbar?
    I don't have the tools or confidence to do it myself, but have been quoted £8-900 from 2 Honda dealers. I've gone to a local service towbar specialists - no price as yet but they're asking do I want a Westfalia or a Witter? The Westfalia looks OK haven't seen photos of the Witter. I've towed caravans before so I know Witter is a good make, but on this car, I'm more interested in what it looks like, and want to have a removable one like the one in your pic, or even more discreet if possible.
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    I am sure it is a witter tow bar with a fixed end, just that i attach the end part when i use it, its only 4 bolts and the electric socket can be easily attached to the other part of the tow bar.
    It doesn't get in the way at all, no chance of bashing your leg etc, and is hardly noticable.
    Cost with all the parts including electrics was under £150 from eBay.
    I think i was quoted about £400 when i inquired about having one fitted earlier this year.
    Took about 3 hours to fit the actual towbar and another 1 hour to do the electrics.

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    I have a detachable towbar on my 2010 saloon. I think it's a Bosal but it is badged Honda. I also don't think it has ever been used. I think it's ugly but I am keeping it on to protect the vulnerable back bodywork. It's not that I don't understand the logic of letting the crumple zone take the impact of a collision but I live in France, where people park by touch - or bounce - and I just can't be :wait: with all the dings like they put on my innocent Prelude.
    If I do ever cop the big one up the back I'll just have to rely on the anti-whiplash headrests, etc, I guess.
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    Can a towbar be removed without leaving evidence once fitted? Just wondering because when looking to buy a car I always avoid ones with towbars - just thinking ahead.