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    I was unfortunate enough to pick up a screw in the sidewall of my rear off side tyre yesterday only noticing it at 2:30pm. I thought with it being Sunday i'd have no chance of getting it replaced (I had a spare tyre in the garage already waiting!). I phoned a few places local but all were closed. I then tried a place that i'd driven past and hey presto they were open until 5pm.

    A quick drive to their premises on St Thomas Road, Huddersfield and to be honest I was a little unsure. The garage is small with no actual place to pull the car into. The garage itself is full of tyres and there's a bit of a car port type construction they change tyres under.

    I was greeted by a friendly chap who within minutes had the car up and the wheel and tyre off. Being a bit fussy about tyres etc I watched hm like a hawk. He was very particular that the machine didn't touch the wheel and once the tyre was off but a new valve in and then cleaned up the entire rim. He then put the other tyre on and inflated it. Initially he wasn't going to balance it with it being a rear wheel but I asked him to balance it anyway which he did with no hassle. The wheel was back on and torqued up quickly and the old tyre disposed off. I was there about 10 minutes in total.

    The cost of this? £7!

    If this had have been Kwik Fit or the like (if they had done iit) it would have been £10 to put the tyre on. £2-3 for the valve and no doubt the same for tyre disposal. I doubt I would have got any change out of £15 and no doubt I would have had to book in advance.

    I went and spoke with Khan the owner and thanked him for the service. He was a decent chap and at the time was sat in a Honda Accord. I told him about the forum and said i'd put something on for him. We talked about my car for a bit and welcomed other forum members.

    So the moral of the story, never judge a book by it's cover. The premises and setup were 2nd class but the service was 1st class.

    A quick run down of his prices for others who find themselves in my position is below:

    Repair a flat tyre - £5
    Change (including balance, valve, tyre dispoal) 16"/17" - £7 (unless really low profile). 18"/19" - £10
    Free tyre checks
    Free Air

    They can also order any brand of tyre and hold a stock of part worns.

    The number is 01484 431376.

    35 St Thomas Road, Longroyd Bridge, Huddersfield, HD1 3LG

    Hope this helps someone.
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    How true is that ..there thousands of little business out there who have service as their motto not money grabbings-r-us . I can't stand companies with mirror and smoke with no substance .. Good find buddy
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    Totally agree you don't have to be as big as kwik fit to give good service.
    I'll be giving you a little write up later next week as my daughter has her RS Megane going into a small family run place to get her alloy wheels fully refurbed. Might try and chat the owners up to see if they can accommodate AOC??
    I'll let you know how it goes next week.
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    Sounds good Mick. Get before and after pics!
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    Pity you can't find places like that here in London, they charge you to stop on the forecourt. :Wink:
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    Ha love it! :Tongue:
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    I intend to but it'll be a little different as she's going from silver to black.
    Mmmmmmm sounds la little like someone around here????