Pre-Purchase Euro R CL1

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    Does anybody know much about the Euro R CL1 ? Does it cost more to insure as it's an import and are parts hard to come by for the same reasons
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    I know its a great car it has the H22 engine and a gearbox which does not have the gearbox issue like seen on the ATRs CH1

    build quality is epic but you will need to get a proper alarm like Clifford and rust proofing.

    image from wiki

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    I'm tempted to put a cheeky bid on a white one thats on ebay ;-) it's up to 2k atm with a buy it now of 3.5k looks nice :Smile: bit of a ding on the rear by the boot and on the bumper.
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    I'll wait and see how the bidding goes and see if I can snipe it at the last minute ;-)
  6. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    what about parts are they readily available over here ?
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Yup your local dealer will be able to source them or speak to Bernard at AutoDynamics International - Honda Acura Parts & Accessories Division

    he is based in Singapore great price for Genuine Honda parts even with shipping its cheaper than the UK, he specialises in older B and H series engines.:Wink:

    I have bought loads of parts from him over the years and he is excellent.
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    On Civic life there're is a superb example of euro r for sale

  9. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Can't use the link but is it a red one with carbon wrapped bonnet ?
  10. Bendzior Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    No it's a black one really nice and good mods
    [quote data-cid='1940575' name='Sandy.' timestamp='1376844702' post='1940575']Car for sale: 2000 Accord Euro R CL1

    Mileage: 137067km around 85000 miles

    Condition: Good condition, more information detailed below

    Location: Cirencester

    Description: Link to build-up on here

    The time has come to put my Accord up for sale, pains me to do this (actually feel sick posting this) but a few things may be in the pipeline and I can’t afford to use it daily or have this sitting around.

    It was recently featured by Banzai magazine will include this issue with the sale.

    It is one of two Nighthawk Black CL1's in the UK.

    Very brief history of the car since being in the UK …

    It was imported originally by Livvy (EK9’s R’us)
    Julian from Rarerims then purchased it
    Then it came into my possession.

    It has not wanted for anything over the time I have had it. I have a lever arch folder that is full of receipts (add up to around 3.5k) and that does not even have the invoices for the clutch, flywheel and gearbox rebuild parts.

    Is due an oil and filter change, will be carried out in the next month or so.

    Three keys are included, along with two alarm fobs and the Honda Clio folder and manuals from when it was in Japan

    Julian got a cambelt change carried out with new auto tensioner and water pump when it was in his possession.

    The car was fully undersealed with 3M products by Endless Horizon not long after it came into my possession. The underside never saw a winter, before it had this carried out and was spotless underneath.

    It has had the 5th gear and synchro replaced, at that time an OEM clutch and XTD lightened flywheel was fitted along with Amsoil gearbox oil at the same time.

    The clutch master cylinder was found to be leaking not too long after that so it was replaced with a brand new OEM one from Hond-R.

    It has a Clifford Concept 650 alarm with proximity sensor fitted.

    Tax until: 31/05/2014

    MOT until: September 2014, due next month but will be done before its sold



    OEM spoiler with LED brake light sourced from Japan and painted
    Carbon canards
    New OEM Euro R badge on the rear
    Replacement Genuine Mugen Equipped badge
    OEM rear diffuser
    Front number plate mount removed (will be included in sale)
    Rear wiper delete (wiper will be included in sale)
    Kenwood antennas
    Rear window and rear screen tints

    Wheels and Brakes

    17x7.5 ET48 SE37 finished in chrome powdercoat with Falken ZE912 205/40/17 tires
    13mm custom hubcentric spacers
    Mugen front discs (from research)
    Ferodo DS2500 pads front and rear
    OEM EP3 rear discs (few months old)
    Brake fluid changed for Castrol Response


    Meister R Zeta S coilovers
    Eibach (SPC) rear camber arms
    ARP extended lug nuts (front wheel bearings changed at the time of fitting these)
    Mugen 3 point front strutbrace
    Carbing rear tie bar behind rear seats


    Mugen Carbon airbox
    Mugen exhaust manifold
    2.5” custom exhaust with 350z exhaust tip (no cat fitted currently but will be included in the sale)

    Custom Rocker cover (painted by myself)
    Carbon plug cover
    Magnecor black HT leads
    Throttle body coolant bypass
    Mugen radiator cap
    Mugen Oil cap
    Heavyset Hoses
    Mishimoto water temperature adapter
    Bonnet dampers
    Apexi VAFCII
    Skunk 2 Battery Tie


    Standard Euro R green/gold Recaro interior and doorcards
    Defi Link 52mm white face gauges with control box
    Kenwood double din stereo
    Mugen pedals
    Mugen kickplates front and rear
    Toll card reader
    P Spec short shifter (original will be included)
    Mugen gear :tut:

    Bad bits Stone chips on the front bumper and some on the bonnet

    Was hit by a road gritter a year ago these stone chips were filled, flat sanded and polished so you can hardly see them

    Side skirt and rear lip have scuffs on them, they are close to the bottom of the car so not really noticeable have pictured this

    Speedo does not start at 0kmph doesn't make much of a difference

    Clutch release bearing is noisy at times, common thing on Accords and was not deemed to be an issue when the gearbox was rebuilt

    One of the wheels has some powdercoat flaking have pictured this

    Passenger seat fabric around the harness holes at the top un-attaches itself not a major issue though


    029 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    032 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    036 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    039 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    027 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    026 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    017 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    014 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    074 by AndyWarner1986, on Flickr

    More Photos are located here Kiki Sale - a set on Flickr

    A few of price options for this...

    £8000 as it is but will not be including the Project Kics wheel nuts

    £7000 without SE37's but with P Spec, Mugen gearknob and Defis

    £6500 on standard wheels, but without P Spec, Mugen gearknob and Defi’s

    Not really after a P/X for anything as I have something in mind, unless you have a GE Honda Jazz :Wink:

    And I am not in a rush to sell, it gets put in the garage over the winter so won't be accepting silly offers for it!
  11. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    ah yes I've seen that one on ebay no so long ago bit out of my price range but a very nice motor all the same ;-) there is a nice one on gumtree that has not long gone up also.
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    Send a link buddy
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    Sound good but personally red not my colour. It should be white or black but my personal view.
  15. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Red does look nice but I do have a soft spot for a nice white car ;-)
  16. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Insurance far too much on them just checked :-( I'll just have to keep searching for Type-R :Smile:
  17. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    if you tried with a japanese import insurance specialist provided you go in for a high excess you can get cheap insurance. lets face it a low excess on a jap import is worthless as they will write it off as you can't get body parts cheaply.
  18. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    I didn't know or think about that to be honest but the bids on the car went up higher than i wanted anyway and finished with the reserve not met so I think I'll stick to finding a decent ATR. Thanks for all the info on the CL1
  19. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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  20. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    nice one up in Scotland dundee but that is one hell of a road trip from south wales :-( and ideally I need to get shot of mine first ! Anyone want to buy an accord ? ;-)