Introductions Eurojap...Anyone heard of or dealt with them?

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    Had my 2007 2.2 I CDTi for nearly two years, been really happy for it over this period with good mileage and driving. Around 139000 on the clock now and the timing chain has been a little "tickety" of late but not too bad. A few weeks ago the engine made some funny noises and went a bit "lumpy" for half a mile. It seemed a bit noisier than usual so I took it in to have the service done a couple of months early. When I went into the garage I mentioned that I thought it might be the timing belt. When they had had a look they seemed to think it could be a little end or big end problem but were surprised as they thought these cars were bomb proof. I decided to take it to a Honda main dealer to get it diagnosed by the experts. Before getting it to them it made some very worrying noises that that sounded like a bag of spanners from under the engine. My wife who is partially deaf heard the noise as well as myself. I stopped the car immediately for fear of causing serious damage. I tried to start it again but it did not want to so I have my recovery service take it to the dealer. I left it with them after having told them what the noise was like, the fact that I had stopped it for fear of damaging it and what the garage had told me when they serviced the car.

    A couple of days later I'm told that noise is due to the Timing belt being worn due to soot and it's going to cost £3.5k. Having discussed the parts they were putting in it came down to £1700 including vat after I ditched the injectors they were going to replace. Still thought it was pricey but went for it.

    Nearly two weeks later they have told me that they have fitted the chains and started it up only find that there is a serious problem in the engine. Apparently they did not hear this because the timing belt rattle "masked" the sound. And now the price is going up another £3500 to sort it. Feeling very disappointed at the moment

    Currently looking at a company called Eurojap in Manchester who specialise in recon engines. The Honda dealer had found them and they can supply an engine with guarantee for £1400.

    Has anyone had dealings with or heard of Eurojap?
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    Hi and welcome sorry to hear you issues did the garage tell what the problem was after you had the timing chain repaired.
    As for reconditioned I-CTDI I won't trust anyone to rebuild that engine it not an easy engine to rebuild even on the cheap.

    You may have to cut your losses on this one bud.
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    Hi, until they take the engine apart they said they won't know the extent of the damage but gave me a long list of things it could be.

    You have worried me a little about the recon because I have ordered one! But I have found ref's from several happy clients and my dealer said they seem to have covered all the bases with the rebuild. They specialise in Japanese cars especially Honda's and supply to Honda dealers for recon engines. The engines are guaranteed for 12 months with zero mileage. This should be enough for me to get the car on the road for a few months and decide to keep or sell. It's in really good condition with dealer records the only things been the miles (139000 ish)

    To be fair to the dealer they have accepted that they did not resolve the problem with changing the timing chain and wavered those costs and are fitting the recon at a very fair price. So can't complain.