Bulletins & Advisories European Honda Legend KB1 VIN Expanded

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    For all of our European and UK owners who want to know more about their cars and learn what the VIN numbers really mean.
    JHM = A


    = C
    5 = D

    7 = F
    C = G
    200001 = H

    Expanding the VIN for ease of identification

    JHM= A (Acura Legends use JH4)
    KB1= B
    6 = C
    5= D
    0= E
    7= F
    C= G
    200001= H

    A. Manufacturer, Make and Type of Vehicle
    JHM: Honda Motor Co, Ltd. JH4 Acura Passenger Vehicle
    Honda passenger vehicle

    B. Line, Body and Engine Type
    KB1: Honda Legend/J35A8 Acura RL/J35A8

    C. Body Type and Transmission Type
    6: 4-door Sedan/5-speed Automatic
    D. Vehicle Grade (Series)
    5: Legend
    3: RL for HK
    4: Legend-M
    6: Legend

    E. Fixed Code

    F. Model Year
    7: '07

    G. Factory Code
    C: Saitama Factory in Japan

    H. Serial Number

    Engine Number

    J35A8 3200001
    A= J35A8
    B= 3200001

    A. Engine Type
    3.5 L SOHC VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine
    B. Serial Number
    3200001−: KE and KG Models
    3100001−: Except KE and KG Models

    Transmission Number
    MJBA 3000001

    A= MJBA


    A. Transmission Type
    MJBA: 5-speed Automatic

    B. Serial Number

    The production years where similar to the 7th Generation Accord made at the same factory here

    The Legend KB1 was made between 2007 and 2010 when the production ceased.

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