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    Malta frigging Malta give us 12 point the rest flipping can't speak English let alone frigin sing,.

    Eurovison should be moved to east block countries, The German's well they have one point :taunt::taunt::taunt::taunt::taunt::taunt::taunt::taunt:
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    They've just been asking on the radio who people think should represent UK next year???
    Quite simple no one cause hopefully next year we will have voted to leave Europe and so we won't have to spill £millions of licence payers money into such crap....
    Where have the happy days gone
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    I know I'm being a pedant but... know we can't actually leave Europe - we can vote to leave the EU which is a bit different!

    On reflection, I suppose - if we could move Ireland out of the way - we could get a few ships to try and tow the mainland out into the Atlantic towards the US.

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    We could shut he tunnel as I don't think it would stretch that far out:Grin:
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    I remember watching Eurovision 1981 live on TV, I think I was well drunk round at my girlfriend's flat.

    Bucks Fizz look and sound terrible in that clip, I think they'd refined it a lot when their act got onto TOTP and the Bruce Forsyth shows.

    I had to check to see if there were any decent competitors in 1981

    seems not LOL
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    1982 was a good year though...

    This always reminds me of the (incomparable IMHO) Mel Brooks from 'To be or not to be.' All he wanted was a little 'piece'

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    Actually, we should go back to taking the p**s...this WAS a joke right? The cheesy Steps tribute band that was - and scarily still is - Scooch. :Whistle:

    "Would you like something to suck on for landing, Sir?"


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    this has to be the best winner of all time

    a little cutie-pie, a pocket rocket in disguise :Wink:
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    I have nothing more to add than this...

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    I also remember that although being just old enough to be legally allowed into a pub I think I was in a pub that night and saw it on TV the next day ...and the next ...and the next.

    A lot of Swedes really hated ABBA, and so did lovers of Led Zep (like me), and on one of the ABBA documentaries Bono said that at the time he despised ABBA so much that he wished they'd all die. But these days some of their stuff as quite good as it turns out, I even bought ABBA Gold CD about 10 years ago, but "Waterloo" is on "skip" LOL
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    ... and of course:
    • ESC-vocalists :Laughing:
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    Let's fly the flag with all our past winners