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    This is the low-down on the new Civic Type-R by myself and @Ichiban, as many of you are aware we're currently across in Switzerland at the Geneva Motor Show to properly document the new model launches, and get information out to the Honda scene as fast as possible.

    Naturally the model we spent most time with was the new Civic Type-R, so let's get straight to the juicy stuff.

    As released on the run-up to the show, the rear spoiler/lighting cluster on the production model was revamped from the concept to build on-top of the existing 9th Generation set-up, basically the spoiler has been just added on top. The rear diffuser style also changed, overall I know that many people have voiced their concerns preferring aspects of the concept, but as we've all learnt by now, Honda's concepts always drastically change by the time they end up as a production model.

    162238. 151124. 155831. 153521. 160233. 162630. 160624.

    Our overall impression was that the fit and finish was above standard, now this being a show piece model, I guess that is expected - however if this is going to be the standard of the production models themselves, then people should have no reservations over the build quality and durability.

    As we called early last month and announced on our Facebook page, the new Type-R chassis code is FK2. Now we find this a strange decision considering the same chassis code is now shared by the standard 5 door, the Tourer and the Type-R - of course, these chassis actually do differ immensely, and it makes the chassis number itself almost redundant whilst looking for parts.


    Going forward, if anyone wants to order parts from the new Civic Type-R for any reason, you're going to need to go from the full VIN number (or a car registration) to pull up the correct Honda EPC listing. We made sure to get just that:


    Also on the door plate above, you can see one of the most interesting things about the new engine - it's been dubbed a K-Series, specifically the K20C1. While it's obviously developed from the K-Series lineage, there are many major changes from the earlier K-Series engines we all know and love. We'll get into all that in detail further down.


    Before we get to the nitty gritty, let's talk about price. As we theorised weeks ago, the price has been placed just off the big £30k mark, with a more feature packed 'GT' version (like the FN2) costing £2,300 more than base price. The GT features forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition system, lane departure warning, blind spot information including cross traffic monitor, dual control climate control, rain sensing auto wipers, auto lights, parking sensors, red ambient lighting, high beam support and Honda’s new infotainment system, Honda Connect with Garmin navigation system with 5 years free updates. There will also be the option of a premium eight-speaker, 320 watt stereo upgrade which Honda says caters towards Audiophiles.


    We were both pretty impressed with the interior, while it's still a 9th Generation Civic which neither of us have much passion for - working with what they have, they've pulled off a pretty comfy and refined interior which still maintains the Type-Rs racing heritage.


    The seats are very supportive and extremely comfortable featuring a completely new design compared to previous Type-R iterations - and that's coming from me who has stated a few times that I don't get on with bucket seats whatsoever. They retain the traditional red colour scheme finished in Alcantara. A huge thumbs up from us both.


    The rear of the front deep-back seats has a perforated plastic back panel to allow for breathability.

    162718. 160344. 160403.

    The rear seats are simple black cloth with red stitching, the red seatbelts add in a nice touch.


    Of course, they're also Magic seats - slowly becoming a complete standardisation across the range.


    The steering wheel again impressed, with a grippy thick leather rim, red inserts and stitching and also a small straightened section on the bottom, a nice little touch reminiscent of GT cars, though serving no real practicality. The little red strip at the top could be a little visual cue for the steering wheel being dead centre.


    The steering control layout is the same as the standard 9th Generation interfacing directly with the on-board Honda Connect system as well as HFT.

    151436. 151440. 151446.

    We were pleasantly surprised to note that the new CTR (as well as all the other new releases which we'll get to later) features Honda Smart Entry System, effectively detecting the key transponder from a certain distance and allowing you to start/stop the car at the touch of a button - something which has been featured on several USA models over the past few years.


    Building on this, the handles also operate with the same system, when the key transponder is detected within a certain distance of the car, pressing the button will unlock the car for all passengers. You'll later see this is a trend on all the new models, one that's been long overdue.


    Apologies about the blurry shot, the pedals follow the traditional sports style from Honda with raised rubber grips on a riveted metallic top cover, worth noting these are full metal as opposed to the painted plastic found on some models.


    The gearknob brings no surprises, machined out of a single piece of aluminium alloy (I'm still missing the Titanium pieces from the EK9/DC2 days). The Type-R badge is a nice touch, though we can't help but find the rivets a little distracting.


    The temperature counter looks pretty elegant and sleek, also serving as the display for the standard warning lights.


    The fuel gauge on the right hand dial then features more of the basic notices like seat belt warnings, and key transponder icon.


    Slap bang in the centre is the most important thing, the rev counter, looking pretty damn sleek - while the redline is set at 7000rpm, the dial reads upto 8000, something I'm sure modders in the years to come will appreciate.


    Up on the digital dash which features the speedometer, there will be a feature packed multi-information display including statistics such as G-Force, braking and boost pressures, as well as fully integrated lap time and time attack tracking abilities. We'll get out more thorough information on this when we can.


    Replacing the standard "Eco" mode button on various models including the standard 9th Generation Civic, is the dedicated "+R" mode button. The engine map is changed to a more aggressive less fuel concious mode increasing responsiveness and power output, steering becomes heavier, the suspension dampening is stiffened by 30% and effectively the car is transformed into a race dedicated mode which can seamlessly be reverted back for normal road driving conditions. The i-MID display also responds with more relevant performance related information.


    We mentioned above the adaptive dampening system which can be adjusted electronically, similar to many of the aftermarket options which we all know and love like Tein's EDFC. The dampers are provided by ZF company Sachs, using their Continous Damping Control (CDC) technology.


    Back to the interior, the door cards are treated in the same fashion as seats and steering wheel, featuring black Alcantara with red stitching, polished look handles, angled control panel featuring all the usual suspects, overall the fit and finish is good with fairly high quality plastics throughout.


    As mentioned earlier, the Type-R can be configured with a premium 8 speaker system, which includes front tweeters on the top of the door by the A-Pillar similar to those found on the Accord premium sound system.


    As mentioned, Honda Connect, for full information see this thread.


    Unlike the new JDM Fit/Jazz and HR-V/Vezel, Honda has kept traditional push buttons on the HVAC control panel as on the standard 9th Generation Civic. We predict these later may be upgraded to the full touch system on the other models, as you'll soon find out if you've been reading our other model write-ups, Honda has been very busy trying to introduce uniformity across the range.


    Building up on the uniformity across the range, another feature on all the new models is this slightly bulky cover housing the various sensors relating to the traffic collision, lane departure, blind spot warning, auto-wipers, auto-lights systems. This will only be found on the GT-Spec:


    You can see the sensors properly from the front:


    Not a regular feature on previous Type-R models, owners have the option of disabling the front passenger side airbag to allow for childrens seats in the front - again this was in a uniform position on other new models:


    The glovebox is no different to the standard 9th Generation, but we're digging the carbon fibre effect trim with red accents:


    One thing that really bugged me, while Honda have given the Type-R both front and rear LED lights, the map and vanity lights were both still stuck in the dark ages on halogen bulbs - something I suspect most new owners will immediately rectify.


    As mentioned the front lights are full LED on the dipped beam, while maintaining halogen bulbs on the full beam. A new feature on both the Type-R and standard Facelift 9th Generation Civic, day-time running lights are integrated along the bottom of the housing instead of on the lower bumper lip.

    160945. 163324. 163342.

    The rear LED lighting set-up:

    160423. 162845.

    If you're familiar with the 9th Generation, the boot comes as no surprise; pretty roomy considering the size of the cabin overall. Worth noting for those that aren't already aware, the 9th Generation comes with no spare wheel and instead is equipped with the IMS (Instant Mobility System) which is effectively just a puncture repair kit.


    With the lack of a spare wheel, the lower compartment in the boot adds a wealth of space to neatly hide things away.


    Boot struts, 3 pictures because we know you care so much:

    162644. 162650. 160255.

    As with all UKDM Type-Rs with the exception of the Accord Type-R, the new Civic is mapped for 95RON fuel. While we cannot yet confirm, we assume the car also features adaptive fuel mapping for higher octane fuel as found on several other models. Another first, the Type-R also features a lockable fuel cap.

    160533. 160537. 160540.

    Like with the other new European Honda models, out goes the metric bolts on the door hinges and lock mechanism, and onto more bespoke European spec bolt patterns. Why? We're not sure either, but as the years go on everything slowly becomes less and less consumer friendly when it comes to disassembling cars.

    161144. 163606.

    The front windscreen glass vendor was Pilkington, who are UK based, the front and rear window glass is supplied by AGC, while the rear quarter panel glass is supplied by Nippon Glass (no picture). We're assuming here that Honda are literally going scouring for the best vendors at the best price, localisation certainly has a lot to do with it.

    161109. 161132.

    Not much to note here, but we can deduce from this parts sticker we found in the boot that the show car was produced in November or later.


    Anyway, let's get back to more interesting stuff. The front fenders are pretty busy, we didn't get a chance to check whether the vent sitting at the top actually serves as an extractor from the bay or is purely aesthetic design, or the vents sitting behind the front wheels for that matter - if they did flow through from the wheel arch it'd plaster the front door in mud kicked back from the tyres - we'll get more details on this the next time we have the opportunity to spend time with the car.

    160603. 155923.

    We're very impressed with the front brake set-up from Brembo, 4-pot calipers on massive drilled 350mm discs.

    155929. 153747.

    The rear calipers and pads are supplied by ATE, just single pots as expected.

    155912. 153840.

    We're not sure what to expect in terms of ride quality, the massive 19 inch rims sit on 235/35 ZR tyres.


    Featuring dual twin-pipes exhaust tips, reminiscent of the Nissan GTR, despite earlier promotional adverts with a distinctive and aggressive exhaust note, the exhaust is something which has fallen a little short of earlier claims - and unsurprising too considering varying noise regulations throughout the EU - mainly that it had to be kept below 90 decibels.

    We believe the main down-pipe is between 2.15" and 2.35" but we couldn't confirm, when we have the car on the ramps over the coming months we'll get out the digital calipers and start checking through all these stats properly.

    151130. 161342. 153557. 161358.

    Engine - K20C1

    We know that for many the biggest point of interest is the engine itself - it's soon going to be a scramble in the modding scene to get transplanting, the tuners will start working to crack the stock ECU and finding out which aftermarket engine management solutions can be made compatible.

    151518. 151739.

    Here we are at RPY, with the previous RSP-based K20s from the FD2/FN2 being knocked from their spot as the pinnacle of 4 cylinder Honda engine design. As we all know by now the biggest difference is forced induction, VTEC Turbo. Like older B/F/H-Series Honda engines, and again being featured on most newer Earth Dreams designs, the intake manifold is located at the back, while the exhaust is on the front. The three-way catalytic converter is strategically placed right at the beginning of the exhaust pipework to get the temperature up quickly, perform more efficiently and effectively do whatever is needed to meet the new stringent Euro-6 regulations.

    151725. 151607.

    Interestingly Honda have elected for a plastic intake manifold, moving away from the metal castings on all previous Type-Rs. There's an obvious weight reduction here, no need for the internal polishing and smoothing of the runners like on the top K20A RRC manifold (which separates it from the rest of the common K-Series manifolds, RBC/RBB/PRB etc.).

    152203. 154633.

    The injector set-up:


    The throttle body itself is pretty small compared to the normal 65mm seen on the DC5/CL7/FD2 - the larger diameter is only warranted on a naturally aspirated engine. The system is DBW, which allows for electronic control by the ECU, there isn't an IACV either as expected.


    The return pipe from the intercooler has been cast with extra material which has then been machined off to create a heatsink look. Is that more surface area for a bit of extra cooling, or just for aesthetic purposes? Your guess is as good as ours at this point. We'd be interested to hear some more theories behind it.

    152255. 152142.

    The side of the block towards the flywheel looks massive against the tiny Earth Dreams engine, we don't yet have any information about the flywheel or its weight (which will be interesting given the size), the clutch, gear ratios, which type of LSD is going in or anything else relating to the transmission. Though we do know she'll have 6 gears, and certainly long ones with the top speed being 167mph.


    The serpentine/aux belt layout has changed from previous K-Series engines, back mounted alternator.


    The oil filter has been moved to the bottom of the sump, like many of the more recent Z K-Series iterations and R-Series.


    The VTC solenoid:

    152308. 154647.

    VTEC solenoid spool valve:

    152314. 154642.

    A look at the fuel delivery system:

    152410. 152239.

    The IAC sensor is supplied by Hitachi, it's good to see another Japanese vendor being used by Honda other than Denso, though slightly unsurprising as Honda's use of Hitachi components stems back to the 60s. We've seen them on each and every new model at the show.


    We've noticed that the refrigerant used in the air conditioning system, is the older style HFC134a and not the newer R-1234yf as required by EU legislation drafted back in 2006 which is enforceable from 1st Jan 2017, this is kinda surprising as we confirmed the new HR-V built in Mexico does use this, we expect this to change before it hits the production line. More information can be found here

    151613. 151618.

    The battery is supplied by Varta, and has the designation EFB, which stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery - these batteries retain a higher CCA and are generally only used by Honda when utilising Idle Stop technology, it's an extremely strong indicator that this will be featured on the car. For more info, read our technical article on idle stop and batteries required.

    151520. 153757.

    Another observation which we don't have any photos to document is the electronic power steering rack has a twin-pinion setup, this is to alleviate the jumpiness associated with EPS and give more finite control.

    All-in-all we're pretty impressed, and are excited for Honda fans and enthusiasts across the world to finally get the fruits of 5 years of labour. Honda have a lot weighing on this car, we're hoping like everyone else it turns out to be the huge success which it has all the makings of.

    In a couple of months time, we will get the opportunity to fully road test the car, have her up on the ramps, and continue this low-down. Until then, give us your thoughts, let us know if there's any further conclusions that can be drawn from the information posted, and most important share this information across the scene for all to benefit from.

    Finally, Honda "R" back.
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  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Thanks for the very thorough right up @DeviateDefiant and @Ichiban, you've done a top job there.

    Judging by your review I'd say aside from the tail lights and a few missing body line tweaks from the concept, the end result is pretty impressive.

    I look forward to seeing it in the flesh in a couple of months time.
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    Top Notch! Well done guys.
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    Fantastic write up :Niceone:
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  5. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This is going to be so much better than the lame FN2, I honestly can't wait to get behind the wheel.

    The chassis code of FK2 is because its a facelift car of the existing model. That way the car doesn't have to start on a blank canvas when it comes to road safety and emissions testing.
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    Nice job on documenting everything.
  7. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Brilliant work guys - its going to be a spectacular car.
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    A nice write up :Smile:
    Will have a good read later
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    Great job guys. It does seem that the drivers seat looks all wrinkled up already! Thats one thing that worries me with racing seats. For an every day car I can't see those seats lasting. That's 2 pictures I've seen now that show this may be an issue. The car does look great though. If I had no mortgage I'd buy one straight off. Ford may have 4x4 but the interior of honda is far superior. Time to rob a bank I think!
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    That's a brilliant write up. :Thumbup:

    Could have done with more detail on the boot struts though...:Grin:
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    saw the car yesterday, much better looking in real life rather than the pics floating about.
    not sure the white is the best colour for the car but the choices of red, black and blue based on the colour schemes behind the main stand may work better with the car

    agreed the interior is a nice place to be and they have done well to make it a feature of the car. i did notice yesterday that the driver's seat on the show model is starting to wear, goodness knows how many bums have been on the seat and the kind of clothing which people have worn but i was somewhat shocked at that. hopefully they can address this after the car is brought back from the show and checked over.

    i am still concerned about the rear suspension of the car compared to rivals HUK has cost cut here and again it cropped up on some convs i over heeard people discussing it, crashiness of the FN2 setup etc etc. when you see the competition the likes of the Focus RS which i was very interested in (1st time ever in a Ford i may add) i am really hoping that this does not hamper the car

    the car certainly seemed to get a lot of attention anytime i was going past or in the vicinity of the stand ... certainly never let up yesterday and the crowds were pretty mental tbh during the core show times.

    from honda's perspective they certainly have attracted the attention and the CTR seems to have gotten it. The proof will be in the pudding when it eventually released. They really do need to show the investment in the time taken in the drive and performance to develop this car. IMHO this is where the car HAS to deliver. On listening to some people around the stand it was clear that if not sold on the looks which to be fair is either you like it or hate it the car needs to perform.

    i am pleased with the effort to date and think the car will be a success if it delivers

    the stand at the motor show as discussed above was well conceived and certainly was a better thought out affair than last year's Goodwood FoS ... yes i appreciate 2 different types of showcase but definitely a marked improvement. What i would like to see more of was merchandising and being able to purchase. there was nothing easily found to allow you to purchase. there was stuff displayed in a corner behind glass but no one to guide you were to buy. in comparison, VAG, BMW, Porsche etc all had areas were you could purchase stuff and make money from the brand and market it better.

    just some thoughts ...
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    Great detailed write up :Thumbup:, so won't ruin the thread with my rants. :Tongue:
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    I've just found the part number for the accessory carpet mats. ETA 23/04, so that gives an indication of when cars will hit the showrooms.
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    So around June/July then?
  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Yes more likely mate.
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    Thread bump get your lowdown, I am currently doing the HR-V lowdown and hopefully have that done by today. @DeviateDefiant make contact mate need to go through stuff.
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    I'm going to be ransacked next 3-4 days at least mate, I'll touch base soon as I can.
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