Dealers/Garages Ewens of Cornhill, Scotland

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    Not heard of them @Nels but good to know just in case as I like visiting Scotland. McRae & :tut: in Inverness is the other Honda dealer that I'm aware of in that neck of the woods just for interest.

    Ewans sound like a great dealer though so interesting to see the feedback any Scottish members may be able to provide.

    There used to be another Scottish dealer Dickson's Honda (part of Dickson's of Perth) but not sure if they still exist.

    No relation but that wasn't gonna put me off asking for a family discount on anew NS-X :Smile:
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    ^^ A minor thread hijack, but good to see the Jazz article at least trying to position it as suitable for youngsters.

    There was a VW advert* a few years ago where the parents eventually buy their daughter a Polo. That would be a good market for Honda to go after.

    *It's a great ad IMHO.

    The article about the dealer is a good read too @Nels

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    Good advert. Quite emotional.....for some not me.....hell no........I'm off to chop up some wood for the fire!
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