Facelift Model ex-fleet cars should i buy and where?

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    hi there, after owning a 2005 2.2tdi estate for 6 months and really liking it, I am considering buying an ex-fleet car either through autotrader (private or garage) or direct through a car auction. It would probably be 2009 onwards ex or gt 2.2tdi. Obviously the traders are buying these cars so i thought i would try and cut out the dealers profit and buy direct. Does anyone know the auction companies that are selling them and where they are situated. my local one is BCA in edinburgh but not many come up. This is a really great site and I'm sure you'll be able to help.
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    That's a good question Perfect Pete.

    BCA, Manheim and other such places are where you would normally look for ex fleet but the Accord 8th gens are rare in number so finding an ex fleet one will be quite tricky I imagine..
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    My previous Accord was ex lease cars and I had lots of problems.
    Air con compressor seized costing me small fortune to repair.
    Had problems with either injectors or high pressure fuel pump before I got rid off it.
    Not saying this to put you off but just my personal experience.
    won't be buying again fleet/lease cars.
    Bought my current car from dealer with very low mileage and touch wood it's been great.
    Hope you find fantastic example and won't experience any problems like I did.
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    I guess it depends whether you can track down the maintenance history for it.

    I've recently bought an ex hire car... :Aghast:
    I never thought I'd do that...
    its a 2012 VW Sharan DSG... It had 11k miles, was nice and clean (didnt look like it had been used much). It was a hire car for 1 year... then found its way back to VW stock before it was due a service.. it then was serviced by VW. I bought it at 17 months old for an £11k discount on RRP. Rear tyres had virtually no wear on them, fronts had been replaced at some point but with the incorrect spec tyre (correct size Michelins, but VW specify Continental Contiseal tyres as the Sharan does not have a jack/spare etc), so VW replaced the fronts with brand new contiseal tyres...

    So far so good.
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    Hi there,
    I am on the lookout for an 8th Generation too, maybe 10 reg tourer diesel. At this stage maybe I should hold out till Jan or Feb.
    Any opinions on waiting, do you think there will be a few more available in the new year?

    I was watching Cargiant, they had one for about 6 weeks that didnt shift, others came & went.
    They knocked 1000 of the non shifter and it moved a week or two later.
    The fact that others moved a lot quicker led me to believe maybe there was a little cosmetic damage to it, but not having seen it in the flesh I am only surmising.
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    My car's an ex-company car also. I wouldn't mind buying an ex-company car again.
    I see a lot of ex-company cars coming for sale and the big majority of them are driven in a very normal, descent way. My was a high-mileage one (62k KM on 1,5 years), but 95% was highway. Very happy with it. And most company cars have a detailed maintenance history and are well maintained according to manufacturers standards.
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    As most members no im a taxi driver and i always buy ex lease cars 3yrs old the I-DTEC i have now is touch wood great bought with 67k just short of 100k now the ICTDI now has 248k bought with 46k but did have my troubles with the ICTDI after 120k but did have a remap so i blame all my troubles on that.
    Me personally think EX lease cars are great value and all should come with full service history may not be dealer history.
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    Yup. I got mine from black horse car sales as it had Full Honda Service History with 45k on the clock now on 65k and no problems. I did pay Honda to service the car again so I could keep the full service history and the safe knowledge of the correct oil being put in. I havnt had any bad experiences with a lease car or any one else I've spoke to that bought from black horse. I think as long as you do a proper check round the car and have full dealer servicing it shouldn't be a problem. After all its meant to have Honda reliability!