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    I am always on the look out for tools which make my life easier.I found one such tool being widely used in the US and a lot of Honda and Acura users recommend this tool highly. So today I got the opportunity to give this tool a proper shake down.

    The one main reason for selecting this tool was not use the existing bleed nipple on the car but to bleed it at the radiator neck at a higher point. I know the bleed nipple on my first gen and 7th Generation is lower than the neck of the radiator.To ensure air is completely out of the cooling system it has to be higher than the radiators neck and this is where this tool uniqueness come into play.

    To see what the fuss was all about I bought the Lisle Spill Free Funnel from a ebay supplier a year back .Its been sitting in my garage ever since waiting to be used and today I have had the chance and here are the results. I drain the coolant on my first gen every year so this tool will be very hand for me and any other Honda I work on.

    Today morning I ran the car for 45 minutes for the first time in three months, then drained the coolant for a couple of hours also washed and rinsed the expansion bottle.The expansion bottle had a sentiments settled at the bottom which is expected on a cast iron cylinder block..I also did a specific gravity using a hydrometer and acidity test using litmus paper and the results were all consistent , but I am concerned with a small amount of oil residue within the coolant (Which is not a good sign)

    The Funnel in the Box
    Funnel and components removed
    LSFF unboxed AOCUK DIY.
    LSFF BOX  all parts  AOCUK DIY.

    Note the different radiator caps and attachment all of them are coded with A,B C & D respectively so you use the correct attachment with the cap. Since my First gen has a bigger traditional Radiator cap I will be using the A kit. You can use this kit on all American European and Japanese cars it covers the majority of them.

    Kicking off proceedings once the engine was cold.

    The removed Radiator Cap
    LSFF rad cap off  AOCUK DIY.

    With the Lisle cap and attachment top view
    LSFF rad beed removed funnel AOCUK DIY.

    Side view
    LSFF rad fitting2 AOCUK DIY.

    With funnel attach

    LSFF rad fitting3 AOCUK DIY.

    The First Advantage

    Open the Genuine Honda Coolant and being to pour the entire 4.5 litres into the funnel,leaving 500 ml for later on.
    LSFF coolant AOCUK DIY.
    LSFF rad pour AOCUK DIY.

    Clearly the biggest first advantage is the big mouth of this funnel its so wide pouring coolant into the radiator it does not easier than that!

    no more spill you can use both hands to hold the 5 litre tub of coolant
    no more holding the funnel with one hand and using the other to pour the coolant
    I made the mistake to pouring in too quickly, so pour in slowly. When the bubbles kicked back the coolant did splatter as seen on the funnel rim.

    A clip showing the splatter

    The Second Advantage

    Start the engine and make sure the heater inside the car is still set to hot to begin the bleeding process. You want to keep an eye on the coolant rising and dropping gradually once the thermostat fully opens up. Let the radiator fan come on a couple of times and wait until there is no more trapped air.

    The Third Advantage

    Once you are satisfied all the air trapped within the cooling system is out it time to remove the funnel ,using the plunger insert it securely into center the funnel.
    LSFF rad been done AOCUK DIY.

    Remove the Funnel with the coolant still in the funnel NOTE not a single drop of coolant.
    LSFF rad beed removed funnel AOCUK DIY.

    Time to fill up the expansion bottle with the remainder of the coolant
    LSFF rad expan bottle AOCUK DIY.
    LSFF rad beed done AOCUK DIY.

    Slowly remove the plunger whilst maintaining a steady flow taking care not to overfill past the top mark.

    LSFF pour into expan bottle AOCUK DIY.

    Spare coolant which will come in handy when the engine has cooled down to top up the expansion bottle to the correct level again.

    The Fourth Advantage.

    At no time was the bleed nipple next to the thermostat used there was no a trace of coolant anywhere in the engine. Anyone who has done a coolant bleed on a Diesel or Petrol Accord and left coolant in the surrounding area knows all to well the consensuses of the nasty smell. This is the sweet smelling glycol which leaves a nauseating smell and once the engine has warmed up this smell becomes unbearable and it enters the cabin.
    LSFF plunger AOCUK DIY.

    No more mopping up the waste coolant nor do you need to scrub the surrounding area.

    Job done!

    This is one the best tools I have used for a very long time and give it the 100% seal of approval from AOC and me. This tool should be in everyone tool chest.

    I enjoyed this DIY and sure this will help others.

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    Brilliant tool.My car is 3 years old now.I am sure coolant has never been changed.Should i do it or should i wait for SvRS to show its time to do it?
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Zoran the coolant change on the 8th Generation is 60000 miles or 5 years so you have time still bud.
  4. AccordCU2 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    OK bud,thanks for that.
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    Thanks for the tip, I've ordered one of these from Amazon USA, decent price, but hit by import and delivery, they should sell em here in the UK!
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Its a wicked little tool it makes the whole process easy, any car which has trouble with trapped air pockets this funnel will make bleeding easy.

    On diesel accord this is ace as they take forever to warm up and bleeding via the nipple does not take out guarantee all the air is out.
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    @Ichiban I found this whilst looking through the tools section.
    Great bit of kit :Thumbup:
    Would it be worth having it, or a link for it, in a 'Generic' sub-section of the Guides & DIY ?

    Edit: Or have a Guide section in Tools & Equipment, to feature things like this?
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    Sure bud will look into it, it can be confusing if we have a guide section under T&L . Let me think over it..
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    I was just trying to find a way of featuring a thread like that, compared to the general discussions ?
    There are a few really good/clever things in there.
    As the section gets fuller it could be more difficult to locate.
    Same goes for Speedy's oil extractor.
    Thanks for considering.
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    Sticky the best/popular ones ?
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    @SpeedyGee since you liked the post you have volunteered yourself for the task :Hooray:

    @AndyB1976 nice suggestion that keeps things concise.:Hey: