Dealers/Garages Excellent service from 2 dealers - Holdcroft Honda and Hepworth Honda

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    Well the car needed a service today and didn't have the time to do it myself. I'm glad I didn't especially with the wind and rain!

    I'd booked it into Hepworth Honda (Huddersfield) for the standard 12 month service with 0W30 oil requested (no additional charge).

    I picked the car up a few hours later and it had been washed and cleaned as usual. 12 months breakdown cover and 0W30 confirmed as being used. £165 charge which was what I expected.

    I asked them to check my battery as it hadn't started this morning. I think I'd left the interior light on but the battery is a few years old now. They confirmed with a print out report that the battery was basically on borrowed time. They also advised new wipers and rear d bushes on ARB replacing and there was a bit of movement but nothing major.

    Upon arriving home I phoned HH and spoke with Martin. I bought the bushes, battery and wipers for much less then just the battery price at Huddersfield.

    The parts will be with me on Tuesday.

    Overall whilst the parts prices were more expensive and were the standard Honda prices I was quoted from Huddersfield Honda overall I can't complain at the service received. Very friendly and proficient service as always.

    Also excellent service from Holdcroft and excellent prices for club members.

    Once the weather improves i'll do the d bushes and if no guide will try and write one up for the site.
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    I've just ordered another 25litres from lubetech that's my 3rd drum oops! Luckily it's not due for another 3k miles so hopefully weather will have improved by then. However I do have a full service to do on the swift hopefully over the next few days.
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    Good Stuff Paul you got best of both worlds from both dealers, Dave i am on my third lubetech tub too I use it on all the cars I service but don't use it on my own cars.