Accord/8th Gen Excitement!

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    I saw an 8th Generation Tourer on a UK '60' plate outside our village shop in west central France this afternoon. That's only the third other one I've seen over here! The first was in the Dordogne a couple of months ago and the second was a saloon that came up beside me on the autoroute near Tours when I was heading north for the UK last month. The driver was peering over at our car and it took a while for it to dawn on me why he was looking.
    Saw quite a few in the UK though - mostly, I'm depressed to say, on taxi work in places like Taunton, Weston-super-Mare and Birmingham. Unless the driver is vertically challenged I don't think there's enough room in the back for that sort of thing. But it was nice to see that every one of them waved and smiled when they saw ours and on a 'foreign' plate.
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    mike77 i have been known to check out and snap european registered Accords... somehow my brain radar register one even if its miles away... like some sort of emotional connection.. weird, very weird