Exhaust System Exhaust fitments?

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    Hi all

    Sorry for all the questions - only just joined haha

    Will a 2.4 Type-S exhaust fit on a 2.2 CTDI? I know the rear bumper would need to be changed, but just wondering on the fitment under the car... Thanks
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    yes it can fit but some modification is required.however its not worth it as petrols need back pressure in the back boxes diesel don't like that .. get a custom one made if you want twin pipes which will be free flowing.
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    Ah OK thanks for the heads up, I was under the impression even though there were 2 boxes there were 2 outlets so the back pressure wouldn't differ that much.. Shows what I know haha
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    Definitely go for a system that's been designed for breathing with the I-CDTI engine.