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Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by foursail, Wednesday 4th May, 2016.

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    after a weekend away on some rough roads noticed the last hanger on the top of the back box has come away. Took it to local back street place to see if could weld it he had a go and said couldn't because of the type of metal it is. Knowing nothing about welding is this correct or could somewhere else and get it done maybe? Exhaust seems solid still is it something I need to get done really or wait until it all drops off its the original one in ok state.
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    there is a probability that the back box is stainless steel therefore with out the proper welding equipment it can't be done
    if you find a welder that does stainless steel it should repair no problem
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    Yeah it looks like stainless steel great I'll have a look out for a garage that can do it would prefer if it was secure thanks