Bulletins & Advisories Exhaust manifold and VSA extended warranty claims criteria.

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Doc, Thursday 5th Jul, 2012.

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    Matt Peterborough
    As I purchased my car second hand I was not sure if any of the extended warranty work, namely exhaust manifold and VSA module, had been carried out. My car already has the shortened auxiliary belt so clearly work had been carried out before I purchased it. So today I went down my local Honda dealership to enquire if they had any records of these two items being replaced. The short answer was no, so at least I now know where I stand.

    But what I was also told seemed to go against what I have previously heard so was hoping for some clarification:

    They stated that because it is a extended warranty claim and a good will payment a full Honda service history, every 12500 miles or every 12 months, must be maintained before the claim for Honda UK to entertain the claim or offer a full goodwill payment. If I don't have a full service history a warranty claim can not be made or and goodwill payment will be severely reduced due to me not showing loyalty to the brand.

    Firstly I thought that discriminating against owners who had a independent service history instead of a main dealer service history during the extended warranty period was against the law now? And secondly these items are not part of the service schedule so why does the validity of the warranty depend on maintaining the service schedule?

    I know the VSA module warranty applies 'only if it becomes faulty' but I thought the manifold warranty also applied 'if the owner enquired' due to it's potential safety implications?

    I currently don't have problems with either of these warranty items and was enquiring so I knew what I might potentially have to deal with. TBH only the VSA module really bothers me due to it's cost.
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    I've had both VSA and manifold changed but i did have full service history i had to pay labour on both replacements,what i have noticed a lot through reading the forum the VSA seems to go after a clutch replacement or heavy handed technicians this again is probably just a coincidence but i know my VSA went after the clutch was replaced i did not pick up on this until read threads on this,also dealers quote different lengths of labour
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