General Extended Warranty on 4th Generation Petrol Manual CR-V

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    England Tom Royston
    Been quoted as follows for extended warranty on CR-V:
    Standard, which covers "major" mechanical & electrical problems:
    By John Banks in Cambridge: 12 months = £299; 24 months = £599 & 36 months = £699, North Way quoted same except £799 for 36 months.

    Manufacturers extended warranty if taken before new car warranty expires:
    John Banks Cambridge: 12 months = £325; 24 months = £550. Apparently Honda do not have enough faith in their cars to extend manufacturers warranty to 36 months.
    Norton Way have quoted: 12 months = £399; 24 months = £799

    When I took out an extended 36 months warranty with wear & tear on my S2000 Norton Way quoted £1050 but supplying dealer quoted £825, which Norton Way then matched. This shows that even though Honda UK products its worth getting other quotes & then posting on forum to ensure best price being obtained. I knew from S2KUK forums that cost for S2000 warranty by Norton Way was too high.

    I be interested in Holdcroft Honda's extended warranty prices?
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