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Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by 1066Boy, Thursday 12th Oct, 2017.

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    Don't know if anybody else has had this but this morning I get a message from Facebook telling my that my account has been blocked for 7 days or I have been sent to Facebook jail as some put it. I have no idea why and cannot get any answers from them. Bit of a pain as I am on holiday and its the best way to keep in contact with those back home. :Rant:
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    FB are law onto themselves.
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    I am not a fan of FB but some of the clubs I belong to have moved over so I had to join to keep in contact. :Frown: The ban came moments after I shared a cartoon drawing from one group to another. I could understand if it was something offensive but it was just a pic of a Swiss tank with lots of barrels like the famous knife. :Nuts:
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    Did you click “like” to a picture of a Fiat 500L. That would warrant a ban.
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    I’ve been banned from fb so many times I had to send them my passport.
    I was in an over 18’s group where anything goes. Rude, offensive you name it it was posted.

    Was a brilliant group.

    Then a woman joins and reported everything. Loads of people got 30 day bans and as I had posted several pictures / videos / memes I got bans stacked on bans.
    Tried to argue it was in a closed group for over 18’s and fb said it doesn’t matter. It goes against policy.

    Now I post nothing