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    Honda showcased the new Accord Tourer Concept and the new generation of Honda diesel engine I-DTEC at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2007.

    This premier showing for the first time of the new generation Accord Tourer gave the strong indication of the design direction of the 8th Generation Accord which was released in mid-2008. Instantly on comparisons from the older outgoing model it was wider, lowered look signals sportier, sleeker proportions while retaining an evolutionary model cycle which is smarter and more pleasant rack on the boot line. The Concept’s greater width makes for a more spacious cabin and also allows an increased track for enhanced handling characteristics with all round independent suspension.

    The all-new Accord range was one of the first all-Euro 5-compliant engine line-ups with the same two i-VTEC petrol engines of 2.0 (R series engine) and 2.4-litre ( K series engine) capacities and a newly developed 2.2-litre I-DTEC next-generation diesel engine. Compared to the 7th Generation Accord engine line-up, power outputs have increased and emissions and fuel economy significantly improved.

    The news engines are complemented by innovative new chassis technology that which deliver exceptional handling, greater linear stability and a more involving driving experience without compromising ride comfort

    The all-new I-DTEC is the 2nd diesel engine developed inhouse by Honda which features Bosch fuel system and engine management systems. By further improving the current award winning I-CTDI’s superb performance, fuel economy and emission efficiencies, I-DTEC has achieved various stringent emission standards in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

    Petrol engines in the 8th Generation are equipped with three-way catalytic converters that offer NOx reduction rates as high as 99 per cent, but this performance is possible only at the stoichiometric air fuel ratio according to Honda. In the oxygen-rich environment of a lean-burn diesel engine, three-way catalytic converter however only reduces NOx levels by approximately 10 per cent.

    Honda's new technology efficiently reduces NOx in a lean-burn atmosphere, enabling diesel engines to rival petrol engines in cleanliness. The system's compactness also means it can easily be installed downstream of the standard diesel oxidation catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter (DPF). You will find the engine in a reverse position when compared to the 7th Generation I-CTDI engine.

    The Tourer concepts images :-
    AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Front. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Front_3-4. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Front_Dark. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Rear. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Rear_3-4. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Rear_Dark. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Side. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Side_Dark. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Sketch_Front_3-4. AOCUK_Accord_Tourer_Concept_Sketch_Rear_3-4.
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