Fuel Efficiency Factory MPG figures

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    According to the official figures the diesel automatic is 40 MPG what is the real world fuel consumption on the road?
    If they are not too bad i might sell a kidney and upgrade from my old 2nd generation truck.
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    Worth noting that my 2.0 litre petrol/auto is getting mid-30s MPG overall, and an easy 40-42mpg on a run. £2k cheaper than the diesel, and no DPF issues to worry about, either...:Smile:

    I was getting about 44mpg overall from my 2.2 diesel/auto Accord over 45k miles. It is a great engine IMHO.
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    It depends on the driver ability to drive in a fuel efficient manner I personally think all Honda's claimed mileage claims can be met and exceeded which has been shown by a lot of members here.

    Going slow is the first thing is achieve higher MPG but how you do it by easing off the throttle on slopes and coming to traffic lights using engine breaking, shifting to 6th gear sooner and using lower sub 2K RPM rev shift up.

    These are a few pointers to get there and a lot of discipline, without that you can't achieve the MPG.
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