HVAC Failure of Air Conditioning system at 41,912 miles

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    My CR-V Auto EX's air conditioning has failed at 41,998 miles. Dealer reckons failed electronic clutch with slight risk it could also require a compressor change. Replacement of clutch £598...with a further £1200 if compressor involved. There would be a marginal saving on any duplicated labour. The extended warranty announced by Honda has in my case expired on 31 March 2013. Since this was not a general recall and my CR-V is serviced privately, but regularly, according to the book, I understand the dealer was under no obligation to contact me. Poor show I would say. I have had no offer of goodwill from the dealer who suggested I contact Honda customer relations which I have done. Everything very polite and civil. I now await a call back from the customer relations people to see what the next step is. I have never had a problem with the car ( other than quite heavy tire usage) and was shocked to find that such a serious thing could happen in a car so relatively young. The explanation I got was ..the location of the unit (at the bottom of the engine) and the salty roads in Scotland. My son who drives Audis and Mercedes couldn't believe what I was telling him. Anyway, I await!
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    I don't believe it a poor show from Honda at all Dave, they don't have to contact you for non recall specific warranty extensions. I will suprised if you get any gesture of goodwill since the car is not serviced at Honda..but fingers crossed Honda customer relations can come to some sort of agreement.

    Your heavy tire usage could be potentially a tracking /alignment issue, have you had your car on a four wheel alignment machine?

    Yes the CR-V compressor are very low down and salt does attack them its a known to happen, only solution is to wash the undercarriage more frequently.