General family cleaning day.

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    I think I must be a sicker for cleaning my car, even if it's not that dirty. But still manage to get the old man in on the act of keeping his CR-V cleanish. His problem is that he travels to and from work on rubbish roads that constantly have mud on it from farmers wheels and lorry drivers up the verge.

    Still keeps it clean, but I still need to educate him on the proper use of car shampoo.

    Either way had a bit of a family cleaning session, that at least got two cars clean. 20160123_141646. 20160123_153552. 20160123_153612.
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    Spain stu lanzarote
    Lucky you, obviously not many immigrants in Shropshire, they do a good job for £5 !
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    We have a few here in Oswestry, but its one of those small backwater towns that even Yodel struggle to find it.
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