Electrical & Lights Fans going on and off every 30 odd seconds

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    Hi, i have the honda accord 2004 2.0 ex and noticed today on tickover the fans go on and off every 20 to 30 seconds, just wanting to know if this is normal as havent been in the honda scene for long. Thanks
  2. Is this with climate control switched on?
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    I think it's with it switched off. Can you turn climate control on seperate to air con? I shell have to double check. How do you turn climate control on and off?
  4. If it's on the right hand button on the row under the satnav screen will have a green light on and then it's normal for aircon to engage every few seconds which includes a fan switching on briefly.
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    Ok cool. I shell have a little play tomorrow. Thanks
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    Matt Peterborough
    It's perfectly normal. Mine does it when it's sitting idling on a hot day. I noticed it the other day while my car was sitting in the drive while cleaning it. Any other time my fan very rarely comes on which is why i noticed it. It's due to it only idling and not circulating water very quickly along with no air passing over the radiator cooling the water down.
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    It's nice to know that I'm not going mad then lol I will still have a little play around as I haven't had all this climate control before. Had the car about 3 weeks now and loving it. Cracking motor.