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    well here I am again guys from sunny Cyprus, I was in Pafos today went to go home got in the car started the car went to put it into drive and it would not shift, I remember mentioning a noisy relay inside the car I think it was behind the centre consul it happened every time I push the brake pedal, well there is no noisy relay now, so it must be the brake relay to the gear shift, I have removed the radio and all the other bits that where in the way and I find a relay on the end of a group of wires, it's a Denso 4 pin relay, just to make sure I have the right one does any one know how to test this relay, there are no markings, thanks guys.
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    You could be right Ichiband bnut on further investigation there is no relay connecting the foot brake switch to the transmission gear solector in stead its a "Transmission Control Module" located in the passenger foot well some where I will look tomorrow, its dark now, also remember I am 2 hours ahead of you guys in the UK so now its 8 30 pm for me, any way I hope this will help others as well that may come across the same problem, I will keep AOC up to date as much as possible with out being boreing I hope, once I have this sorted and the vacuum issue, I have lots of other goodies to share with you all, tempature has droped now to about 14c, chilly.