Electrical & Lights Faulty TPS or APP sensor?

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    I recently bought a 2004 Civic Type-S after years of misguided loyalty to Ford. Love the car but I've noticed that the accelerator seems a bit "jittery" when running at low speeds. I had this before on a Focus which was down to the throttle position sensor.

    I've been looking for Haynes manuals for this thing, with no luck - they don't seem to do a Type-S one. So after a lot of googling, some people say it has a TPS, some say it has an APP sensor, and some even say it has both??!

    I've run diesels for the last ten years or so, so looking at a petrol Honda engine now, I might as well be looking at the inside of a paper bag - don't know where anything is. The only petrol engine I've any experience with, is the one on the lawmower. I'm guessing I'll need a Haynes manual for the engine (CR-V?) and a regular Civic manual for the rest of the car if I want everything covered. Also can anybody shed any light on the sensor issue? I don't have a code reader but there's no warning light on so I figure it's just sticking a bit at the moment rather than an outright failure.
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    Its more likely to be a sticky accelerator cable or throttle body - both are really easy fixes (cheap too). The wife had the same problem on her Civic which turned out to be both, couldn't accelerate smoothly from standstill. Check those first before you fork out for a new TPS (which it is unlikely to be)
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    Hello @GfK and welcome to HK.
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    Does it accelerate OK when on cruise control (low speed/high set point)?
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    @Nighthawk - whats the easy fix? Replace?

    @Zebster - no idea as I don't really use cruise control and never thought to try it. I guess if it's OK accelerating with cruise control then that'd confirm some issue with the sensors?
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    Exactly! Acceleration under cruise control does not rely on the TPS/APP sensor.
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    Start with the simple things first. Give the throttle body a good clean out with carb spray. Remove the air box and while running, give a good spray into the throttle and open the throttle using the cable as you do so.
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    Thanks for all the help, but I think I've found the problem.

    Me. :Smile:

    Now I've got used to driving it a little more I think it was just down to the accelerator being a lot more responsive and not having to wait for turbo lag like I'm used to. I've gone from a 130BHP diesel to a 160HP petrol, after a decade of driving diesels, so I guess it just takes some getting used to. But I'm starting to get my head around it now. :Smile:
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    I reckon so! Thing is, my house is only accessible down a bumpy gravel track, which turns into a "proper" road after about 150m. When I was first driving the car it seemed much more "twitchy" on the gravel track, then, not so much on a smoother road. Admittedly I don't drive very much these days but I think it was just slight movements in the pedal that were making me think something was amiss. I've done a bit of testing on a proper road from cold, in all gears, and I'm happy there's no fault, other than me.

    But the bottom line is, I'm used to diesels. I still have to force myself to not wait for the glow plugs to heat up before starting it!
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    Maybe I've just never become 'completely diesel' in my driving technique, as I also regularly drive a petrol car?

    I must confess that I never bother waiting for the glowplugs to do their stuff unless it's sub-zero.