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    Hey everyone i recently bought a 1999 honda accord (3 days ago) it's a 2litre VTEC drives and beautifully!

    the first problem occured when i was coming back from town yesterday and accidently selected 5th instead of 3rd the car struggled a bit at low revs until i selected 3rd and the engine management light came on almost immediately, i pulled over and read the owners manual it told me to turn it off and turn it on again but the light remains......

    any ideas what it may be?

    the other is the rear passenger door won;t open from inside or out can you still take door cards off to try open the latch?

    finally the cruise control wouldn't engage the light came on, on the dash but the car still slowed down?

    any help would be fantastic it's booked in on wednesday but i want to go there with an idea what it may be so there's no suprises.

    is the car ok to drive with the light on?

  2. engine light could be a few things, o2 sensor maybe, but you need to get the code read

    cruise control could be the contact screws on the brake or clutch pedal need adjusting

    not sure about card when door shut, first thing is remove the cover behind the inner door handle, remove screw, then remove surround, and take it from there
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    I've just had a text from a mate with a newer accord like many has had an accord since passing his test and slowly moved up the gens.

    he told me to go to the CLOCK fuse and remove it, anyway i've tried it and the engine shaped light doesn't come on anymore other than when i first turn the key

    has this done any damage?
  4. it's cleared the code but not solved any underlying problem

    it might be worth using a fuel system cleaner such as forte gas treatment

    possibly also the EGR needs a clean out

    for now though see how it goes and keep your fingers crossed
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    Regarding the check engine light ... how long were you in 5th gear for and how low were the revs ?

    The car could simple have sensed a misfire due to very low revs and thrown up the check engine light due to this.

    I wouldn't wory about this unless it happens again.
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    For the cruise control issue, it sounds like the cruise control system is mostly working but just not able to control the throttle.

    I think there maybe cruise control actuator/servo somewhere which controls the throttle, this could be the source of your cruise control problems.