Detailing Finally had the time to do the full paint treatment

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    detailing CRV 012. detailing CRV 014. detailing CRV 015. detailing CRV 016.
    Started with the Ultimate snow foam
    Dodo Clay bar and lubricant
    Maquires paint cleaner
    Poorboys swirl remover using DA
    Maquires Paint sealant
    Poorboys black hole
    Dodo orange crush wax
    Maquires quick detailer removing any polish marks
    Wheels cleaned as already sealed with Planet wheel,Tyres dressed with Maquires
    Did start trying to Photograph as i went along but soon got carried away so only finished shots available
    Two days hard work(Old bones aching a bit) but pleased with the results so worth it.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Looks the part bud well done !
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    Well done mate. If it puts a smile on you're face when you look at it, then its all worth it.
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  4. wanner69 Detailing & Styling Trader

    Looks very nice, did you detar or deiron prior to claying?
  5. Bowler Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Used Maguires paint cleaner first, then clayed