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    Hi guys,

    Just got my first car, Honda accord 2005 2.2 I-CDTI. Fell in love with it straight away and looking forward to many happy miles in it ( I plan on keeping it for a long time)
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    Hi and welcome:Bye:

    Make sure you browse the forum about the chain on the i CDTI. I think it just needs regular oil changes to prevent it from snapping or something. All the info is on here for you to search and is completely free :Thumbup:
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    RJ is spot on with the advice on frequent oil changes.. It is a MUST very easy and cheap if you get the oil from this site and filters from Holdcroft, buy genuine filters not worth bothering with cheap after-market filters and Holdcroft post free :Thumbup: I changed mine every 4/5 k and she ran sweet as a nut. Car will thank you for it :Smile:
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    Cheers for the advice on the oil and filter change. It's something I was planning on doing every 5k ish on whatever car I was getting as I've always heard it to be best practise. You make it sound like it's something I can do myself? How easy/quick is it?
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    It's a piece of cake.. Pick up a filter removal tool ( cheap from Holdcroft with club discount as will be filters) oil has to be 0-30 fully synthetic, and stick to that don't be tempted with cheaper options. Take about 30 mins first time you do it then once you have seen what's involved prob about 20 min tops. There is a small flap under the car for easy access to drain plug so you don't need to take off under tray:Smile:
    All very simple

    You just need filter tool a socket set and some stands or a pair of ramps, you do t want her falling off a jack with you under it.
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    Welcome along bud, seen the guys have given you plenty of good advice to kick off.