Autocar First drive review: Ford Kuga 2.0i TDCi AWD Titanium

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    ford-kuga-1_2. Kuga gets practicality, quality and refinement to match impressive car-like handling. If you like your 4x4s sporty, look no furtherThe new Ford Kuga SUV. And there’s a real sense of gravitas about it, which speaks volumes about the seriousness of Ford of Europe’s approach to the growing SUV segment. Within three years, the Blue Oval is aiming to dominate the sales charts here, booting the likes of Toyota, Honda and Nissan over towards the margins. And while it isn’t the only new model intended to deliver that success, this mid-sized 4x4 will be a vital prong in the attack, alongside the 2014 Ecosport supermini SUV and the larger Edge, which will also come to Europe.Responsibility rests on the shoulders of this car, then, and while it may have done for some of the compact distinctiveness of the original Kuga, it’s also brought with it new-found quality, refinement, practicality and value.