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    Hi guys,
    Nice meeting you,reading a few of the threads on this site is very interesting,yes I bought a Honda,I've always liked them,I have used a friends Accord quite a lot for long journeys in the past 10 yrs and loved driving it sometimes driving 6/7 hundred miles a day.
    I recently returned to caravaning but the car I had was at its maximum weight wise so I decided to buy a bigger car,a Accord 2.2 Diesel Tourer 2005 with 22k on it.
    I have had problems,the engine management light came on and the car ground to a halt (glad I didn't have the caravan with me),anyhow after 10 mins or so the car did start and run normally however the engine light was on,I took the car to my garage,he cleared the light fit a new filter (although it had a filter just a couple of month ago) and advised me to stop using cheap supermarket fuel,I had just filled the car up at the supermarket so I decided to burn a tank full of on the way,I hit the m55 and stepped on the gas,Wow the car has some poke but only for a couple of miles,it cut out in the third lane,it wasn't easy or 100% safe however one doesn't plan to loose power when flying down the third lane,ha ha.After 5 mins the car started and run ok but the engine warning light was on again !
    I decided to run the full tank of fuel of around town,I think this was safer the mway event will be with me for awhile,I ran the fuel of and filled the car up with posh diesel,the car does seem sporty but I have not had the opportunity to give it a blast on the mway so I still don't know if the car is ok or not,oh forgot to mension when my mechanic fitted the fuel filter he put some additive in the tank to "treat " the diesel bits and pieces.
    My mechanic said if I have further problems he will fit a modified valve on my car he said it was a common fault,he himself owns a Honda CR-V with the 2.2 diesel.
    After waiting 4 month Honda modified the pass side air bag,if my partner knew it had a fault on it she would have declared it a unroadworthy car and refused to travel in it .Honda uk claimed they had been waiting for spare parts to do the recall,maybe all the spares went to America,it's a wonder the wasn't sued for selling goods not suitable for use or whatever,ha ha.
    When using the car for towing the caravan it was very good,nice and stable and plenty of power,great at 60 with the cruise control set,if the car doesn't behave I will have the modified valve fitted.
    I owned a Honda motorcycle for 26 yrs and it was the best mechanical device I have ever owned
    This is a friendly and helpful club ,thanks guys
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @tomi14robie :welcome:

    Do :garage: as it helps us to help you.

    Hopefully somebody will be able to give you some advice, but if you look around the site in the meantime and use the search function you may be able to find something useful to help.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @tomi14robie :Hey:

    Was a genuine Honda fuel filter used when it was changed ? These cars don't like aftermarket fuel filters.

    You don't need any fuel additives in a modern diesel.

    I'd be interested in hearing what this modified valve maybe do. I've not heard of this before. @Zebster do you know what this maybe ?
    Sounds a dubious, if you ask me TBH.
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    Hi Tom and welcome to Honda Karma!

    There aren't many resettable engine conditions that cause the engine to actually stop, rather than invoke limp mode. The only time I had this happen with mine was when the fuel pressure control solenoid (also known as the M-prop valve by some) in the fuel pump developed an intermittent problem, resulting in uncontrollablly high fuel pressure. This is a cheap and simple fix, but without knowing the fault code is merely speculation.

    I agree with SpeedyGee about the need for a genuine fuel filter and the uselessness of fuel additives!
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    Interesting to note that you have had the passenger airbag recall done.a lot of members here are still waiting to hear from HUK on the matter.
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    welcome to the forum :Smile:
    how's the car been running since??
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    Hi,the valve in question is something to do with EGR,the car is now running ok,I think one of the problems was the car had been used by an old lady for short journeys ,I have given the car several good 90 mph (on a test track,ha ha) trips and it is now on non supermarket diesel.
    My car is a 2.2 diesel,I did say it had 22k miles on it but it should have read 122k
    Cheers Tom
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    Good man. A test track is where you can drive at over 70mph :Thumbup:
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    The EGR valves can clog up over time, and I would imagine with 122k on the clock, it had probably never been removed. Glad it is all sorted now