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    Well I picked my 07 reg CR-V 2.0 Executive on Friday and here's my first impressions of it.
    Before leaving the dealership I set up the sat nav to get me home zeroed all trip settings etc and set off on the 8 mile trip home.
    The first thing I noticed (which I picked up on the test drive) was the clutch pedal was very stiff to depress and when it was released it creaked loudly. (This has since worsened and the car is going back to have the clutch master cylinder replaced).
    I felt that the steering seems a little on the heavy side but as time has gone on I'm getting used to it.
    The drivers seat is very comfortable probably one of the best next to my HR-V that I've sat on.
    The drive home went without a problem and travelling at 30-45mph I arrived home to discover that I'd managed to do it at a credible 37.6mpg.(better than I'd expected)
    The wife's first impressions on it were,it's square,looks outdated, and it looks like an old mans car, it's uncomfortable and is a heavy car.( Anyway she's coming round) especially now her private reg number is on it.
    Anyway Saturday came and we went for a run out to a friends, the car runs perfectly it's as I've said comfortable the steering is a little heavy but after all it is a big lump to haul around.
    Cruise control is good one criticism is the main selector switch is not very easily accessible and could have been better on the steering wheel.
    After just over 100miles of motoring the car has done it at 28.7mpg which is a little below the 30+ I was expecting but the ride is comfortable.
    Hopefully I'll get the clutch master cylinder sorted out this week and look forward to updating you all on many more comfortable miles.
    Me and my big brother.
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    Well after a week of ownership and a very stressful week with legal eagles and insurance companies, I felt that although I'm still stiff around the neck area I needed to give the new lady(oh we've called her Nancy after my mum) a wash.
    Well I started on the alloys and when I got to the front drivers side I was shocked to discover that there was a wheel nut missing, the thing was it was the locking nut??
    I think that when the tyres were done it can't have been tightened and over the time since I got it it's just worked loose and come off.
    So more stress, contacted Perry's who of course stated it was ok or it wouldn't have passed its MOT??? Never knew they physically checked them. My thoughts were backed by the salesman who sold me the car but the £48 to replace the locking nuts was not accepted by his manager.
    Anyway luckily there was one on the spare wheel so I replaced it with one of the ones I had taken off the HR-V before she left us.
    Today I decided to have a little drive out.
    There's on thing I noticed and that is when accelerating around 60-65 mph there is a vibration around the front end, I know drive shafts are a problem but my initial thoughts are that the new tyres they fitted are mud and snow tyres and from past experience with the HR-V I know they react differently .
    The good news is that over the week average MPG is 34.2 that's combined so I'm more than happy.
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    I was told when I got my first CR-V that they need to have a matched set of tyres or it can cause vibrations/shaking. The one I had at the time had a bad shake at 50 mph and the person who told me said his dads one had that and it turned out to be down to one of the tyres being different to the others (same make but different tread).
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    These are all brand new same treads but are mud and snow ones not really for summer motoring. In time I'll change them so I've got a summer set and a winter set, I'm lucky cause I know a guy with a tyre business and he would change them and store them for me.
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    All you need are some HK stickers and a MH sticker too:poke:
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    The vibration is between 55-60 mph going back tomorrow for them to sort out.
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    Would be balancing or a dead monkey lol
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    The new tyres have been balanced so I'm just hoping it's not the drive shafts.
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    May be a diff flush ?
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    Well I'm not overly keen on their workmanship after the locking wheel nut incident.
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    Well that's today's world aint it you can't get the people.
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    Well outcome from today was this ... Car went in for 3 things
    Vibration above 50 mph
    Passenger folding mirror kept sticking
    Passenger side air vent fell apart inside.
    The problem with vibration is being caused by the fact that the rear tyres are for a commercial vehicle the fronts are normal so the difference in spec is causing the vibration, which goes away if you depress the clutch at speed(won't that take reduce the drive to the driveshafts)?? Anyway after some heated discussions and the threat of the car being returned they decided to pay half towards a full new set of matching tyres. So tomorrow morning I'm visiting a friend who is checking the balance on the front wheels putting on a new set of normal rears, giving me a bill for 4 tyres (I'm paying for 2) this will be forwarded to the dealership and I'll get the money back as a goodwill gesture.!!!!! Result I think, just hope it resolves the problem as a couple of garage owners I know have all said front tyres not balanced.
    Air vent removed and rebuilt.
    Passenger mirror not repaired and very slack as its not safety related so they won't fix it.
    I'll have to read through the threads to see if there is anything I can do to fix it.
    Now off to bed as I'm off to the lakes later today for a stress less rest.
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    Well been to the tyre guy this morning.
    Drivers side was 5gms out
    Passenger side 55gms out??(pretty poor really).
    Both tyres re balanced took it for a test drive hitting 60+ in places and nothing at all.
    So at the time I have t fitted new tyres to the rear will keep them till I return from the lakes on Friday.
    Car packed and very impressed got suitcases bags frankies cage and other stuff all on the back seat. Frankie has all of the back to himself and we have plenty of room up front.
    This has impressed me greatly as it's a world of difference from the old girl.