First,Last,Best and Worst

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    Ok in some of the threads we have gone off tangent and started posting music clips and alsorts of stuff.
    So I commented that I was going to start a new thread on something so here it is,
    Baffled by the title well it's simple we all have a love of something be it music,films, concerts,boxing football or whatever. So this is your chance to tell everyone 4 simple things .
    Of your chosen subject what was the first one you experienced what was the last one you experienced which was the best you have experienced which was the worst one you have experienced.
    Get the idea?
    Let's see what you've got folks.
    Add what you like you tubes,links whatever it takes.
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    ^ that's a good idea for thread, here goes ....

    girl fiends
    dogging venues

    damn, can't think of anything else at this time in the morning LOL
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    Well I'm going for concerts/gigs.
    My first was a long way back in the 70s in a club in my home town and this band were on.

    This was a reunion not to long ago but back in the 70s I remember saying the lead singer was good and will end up in a big rock band one day !!!
    And he did,

    Can't get any bigger than that.

    My last concert well !!' Since the 70s I've seen some fantastic concerts heavy metal, r & b soul or whatever and my last concert was as a treat to my wife who always liked these guys and on the night after a few years off they came back and were really good
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    Worst by far was this guy he was part of the revival tour 2 years ago.

    It started pretty good with Smokey.

    Followed by Hot Chocolate

    before Leo Sayer

    had the crowd bopping all around the stadium then the arrival of this

    The place was packed with screaming women when he came on stage must have been his teenage fans sort of 40 years ago and all he did was brag about how many albums he had sold etc etc etc and to me he'd had a few too many which showed when he started to sing because of all the concerts I've been to this was the first one that I was more than happy to get up and walk out of.
    I really felt sorry for the others who put so much into making the night good for the people who paid good money to see them and who appriciate dyne fans. This guy was in American terms A Loser.

    Finally my best concert. Well I'm my years on this planet I've seen many stars the late great Luther Van Dross, Nickleback, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, many Motown classics so this was a pretty hard choice to make but this young lady put so much into this show and really made it a night to remember.
    It started when we were sat in our seats and this woman walked past us and say just a few seats away, I looked at her and said to my wife have you seen her she looks so much like ... Who we had come to see my wife looked and said she's a little old it could be her mum.
    Well if anyone has seen this show as it gets underway the guy on he stage gets a camera to scan the audiance for a female to join the party the camera settled on my wife and he said "no
    Not her the one two seats to her right" this woman and bugger me if it wasn't
    PINK!!!!'!!!' She was in the audiance as part of the show.

    And this was just epic

    So there's a start hope you enjoy watching the videos (if you enjoy Cassidy then you are strange):Grin:
    So let's see some of your favs.
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    Come on mouses let's see your best anything goes. Holidays,cars girlfriends(if you dare) it's only a bit of fun.
  6. jimjams Guest

    cat flaps .....

    first was in the first house I bought all those years ago, back door (kichen) had glass in both panes, but front door was full wooden, so I made a cut-out in the lower wooden panel (which I kept). When I sold the house I glued the cut-out back in

    worst was when we had an extension built onto a house 20 years ago, the builders left a "cut-out" for us in the brick work in the utility-room, and offered to fit the cat-flap for us, but I said I would do it. Can't remember the details, but the cat-flap kept falling off the brick-work :Ohdear: (should've taken the builders up on their offer)

    best was the last one, fitted it in the conservatory wall after drilling loads of small hole and chiseling out the bricks on both sides, and fitting a tunnel. It's a Petporte smart cat-flap, it reads the microchip in the cat, so no unwelcome cats can get in.
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    Pity you can't get a smart door then no unwelcome people would get in. GrrrreeeaaaTttttt