Engine & Gearbox first major problem :-(

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    Okay so today I was driving down the motorway and when I accelerated the car did a sort of jerking movement after which the glow plug light started flashing. Almost immediately afterwards I felt the car had lost a bit of power and realised it wasn't accelerating. As if by magic as soon as I noticed this the fault light came on so I pulled over and turned the engine off. When I turned the engine back on the glow plug light had gone off but the fault light was still on. I drove home and the car seemed okay however felt a little low on power. I drive a 2.2 cdti 55 reg. I have no idea what's wrong and it's going to the garage on Friday but has anybody experienced anything like this before?
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    Okay as per the handbook I started and stopped the engine 3 times with a small break in between and the light has gone off. Is it still worth having it checked out if nothing goes wrong over the next few days?
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    Definitely worth changing fuel filter and have fault codes read just for peace of mind.They will be stored in ECU.
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    If the light has now gone out then it's a temporary fault not a permanent fault. As Zoran said it's worth getting the stored fault code read but if the fault has been caused due to the fuel filter needing to be changed the fault code can be a bit misleading. The fault code will likely point to the glow plugs but historically they have also pointed to low fuel pressure in the fuel rail or faulty pressure sensor etc all for the same fuel filter reason.

    As your glow plugs won't be on when the car is warm the glow plug fault does seem like a read herring in this case. Get the code read and cleared from the ECU and change the fuel filter, hopefully this should stop it happening again.
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    Well as suggested it was an indication of low fuel pressure. Fuel filter was changed 3 weeks ago so I'm guessing it could have been and air bubble or a bit of crap from supermarket. Does that sound about right?
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    Matt Peterborough
    Was it a genuine Honda fuel filter? The I-CTDI is extremely fussy with using aftermarket filters. Over half the problems associated with fuel filters are from members after they have had an independent garage fit a blue print filter. The rest are just from the original filter not being changed within the recommended service interval.
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    No idea what sort of filter it was as it was the service that it had just before I bought it. Probably not likely to be a genuine Honda which may be the problem. I've heard about similar things happening due to the rear fuel pump not working, however given the fact that the car has been fine since I highly doubt such a problem. I'll definatley try a Honda brand filter though and see how it goes
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    Surprising it's been 10 years since the I-CTDI was released in the UK and we still have people experiencing fuel issues... This is after repeatedly making it clear don't use aftermarket diesel fuel filters for 8-9 years ... Can't see this ever ending ...spending money on the wrong filter ,effort ,heartache then a genuine filter and redo then same thing. Blame honda sell the car.LOL
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    It'll end soon mate, can't be many years left in the majority of I-CTDI's. Something expensive will catch up with them.
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    You need:

    Honda part no. 16901-S6F-E02 -or-

    Bosch part no. 0 450 906 422 (it´s the same filter)

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