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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to write a quick review on the Optima LSH 0w/30 Low Saps ACEA C-2 Lubetech engine oil, in its 20 litre drum form.
    I know the I-CTDI engine does not require the Low Saps engine oil but for a few quid extra there is no harm in having the better stuff.

    Currently available from here
    Lube Tech Shop

    When it arrived, the drum wasn’t as big as I thought.


    To distribute the oil the best way to do this is buying a special tap which attaches to the drum itself. When the drum is tilted on its side the tap can easily be opened and the oil can be distributed as desired. It is very effective and at only £8.00 for the tap it is great value. Splash and mess free.


    The tap can also be found on the website here
    Lube Tech Shop

    Image of oil being distributed into used Castrol bottles which I then take with me when I service the car.

    The 20 litre drum can do just about 3 services and with easy distribution it is superb value for money

    I have saved a 4 litre and 2x 1 litre Castrol bottles in which I distribute the oil too come service time.

    Highly recommended, the 20 litre 0w/30 optima oil can save you a hell of a lot of money servicing the I-CTDI engine.

    Excellent service and fast delivery.
    Many thanks to Tony at Lubetech Shop.

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    I've always used this oil on my 3rd drum of it now this is the 1st drum of low saps though.

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    Thanks you for the info @Accord_N22
    That tap really does make good sense. :likeit:
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    United Kingdom John LN5
    Fully concur with the comments, my oil and tap arrived mid week, works out about 50% cheaper than Castrol, oil changed yesterday. Biggest mess was when the old oil missed the drain can!!!
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