Fuel Efficiency First Road Trip

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    Phillip Whitstable, Kent
    Hi All,

    Thanks for the support so far. First business trip in the CR-V went reasonably successfully - greater comfort and convenience was one of the main drivers (excuse the pun) for replacing my aging Picasso, and the CR-V has ticked both of those boxes. I was able to make and receive business calls whilst on the road - safely. I'd always thought of auto wipers as a bit of a gimmick, but I actually found them really useful. I was also a bit suspicious of the SatNav, having used TomTom for around 8 years, but I also quite liked that as well. Still got to figure out the radio settings in some detail, but loved having some music on a flash card for when I'm tired of Radio 2.

    Stats: 571 miles, 34.9 MPG measured on fuel put in (started, topped up and finished with a full tank), trip computer said 36mpg. When possible, I set the cruise control to 70mph, with the occasional foray in to 80mph for overtaking. It actually got up to 37mpg by the time I was on the outskirts of Manchester, but town driving soon knocked that down.....overall, I am happy with that MPG on a 2.0 auto. My 1.8 petrol Picasso wasn't much better than that.

    Only downsides: Aircon stopped working on the way up - going back to dealer on Monday for that (not purchased from main dealer - independent) - and a slight knock when braking around town - I'll post separately about that.

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    interesting write up!
    have yet to do a longish journey on our recently purchased CR-V
    can i ask what type/spec of sd card you bought for the head unit and size?

    i too was a bit meh about auto wipers but they do work will on the car ... not so sure about auto lights as they seem not to come on when i think they are required. still running on auto to see if get any better.

    definitely built for cruising, not so much for spirited driving but then i should have bought a different vehicle for that :Smile:

    need to do a proper estimate on fuel usage on the oil burner as of next fill ... hope to carry out periodic maintenance on the vehicle this weekend. I bought the car 2nd hand with over 18k on clock. it has already had a 14k mileage service done but
    a. i don't know the car
    b. don't know the previous owner
    c. wary of dealer servicing
    d. what sort of fuel was put in the car etc.

    so air, oil and fuel filter will be changed along with full 0-30 oil change (obviously) and i will do the diff oil as car is approaching 20k ... likely do it every 15k going forward to reduce any risk of future knocking or groans due to lack of use. Probably buy some diesel flush stuff too

    after this will see how she runs etc
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    Phillip Whitstable, Kent

    I bought the Compact Flash card and adaptor from Amazon - links below:

    Transcend PCMCIA ATA Adapter for CF Card: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

    Transcend 4GB 133x Ultra Speed Compact Flash Card: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

    The reason I only bought a 4GB one, even though larger ones were available, was that I understood that was the biggest the system could handle (in terms of memory size and songs - 'only' 999 songs). Although my vehicle was made in 2008, it was probably designed a few years before SD became the accepted standard. You can just plug an iPod/phone in to the system if you want as well - I guess you've found the aux input?

    I also bought it for long distance cruising; like you say, it's not a car for throwing around. Sadly, it's still with the dealer getting the aircon sorted, so I'm getting the train up to York from Kent today - would rather 'wafted' up the A1 though!

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    I think it's try and hope with the sd cards.
    I tried 2Gb versions as the others were SDHC and had problems. In the end I tried the 16Gb I had been using before, despite being advised it wouldn't work, in a reader that also shouldn't take SDHC and it worked fine. Saved so much effort deciding what should be included in a smaller card.
    I also have an mp3 cd in the slot and a digital radio in the aux slot. Hopefully all bases covered.
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    the recommendations posted above worked OK for me in terms of the card option on the head unit... just need to get a usb flash card reader and writer and it will do as back up if i forget to bring my iphone or cd case with me!
    So thanks to @rikernumber1 for the heads up