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Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Robbie, Tuesday 10th Dec, 2013.

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    I took the car in for its first service today and no problems at all. However, when I was driving home the trip computer indicated a higher fuel consumption than usual. Travelling to the Dealer I got 46.8mpg all on single carriageways and with a couple of road works that held me up. Returning home I decided to go the long way round to miss the road works, and half of the journey was by dual carriageway and motorway. I never travelled over 60mph and would have expected a reading of at least 55mpg, but I only achieved 45.7.

    What do you think would have caused this?
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    I believe the MPG is worked out over averages - ie the mofre journeys you make, the MPG will rise. The service may have reset all the figures as well.

    I remember when I got my CR-V in May, after the first week, I was only getting 41mpg on the computer. Gulp!

    Since then, its floated between 45-65mpg.
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    It's hard to say what caused this, and somthing is not clear to me: did the dealer reset the counter after the service? Or did he just leave it as it was? If he left all as was, than the higher consumption can easily be caused by the fact he might have had left the engine running for 10 minutes or so to warm up the oil + some manouvring to park the car, drive in on the bridge, back, etc... not good for average fuel consumption.
    Other possibilities: drop in ambient temperature, a slightly thicker oil than was in the sump (should be 0W30), it's uphill going home and downhill towards the dealership, strong(er) wind, airco on/off (?), lights on/off... a lot of variables influence consumption.
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    They are all identical journeys so it has nothing to do with gradients. I wonder if they have used an oil of higher viscosity.