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    Hi all

    Well, 12 days into my first I-DTEC (ES GT), i can report i got 640 to the first tank, with approx 45miles remaining on the fuel indicator. The computer was showing about an average of 45.5mpg but by my calculations, i think the fuel economy was actually 49.82mpg, going by the fact that she took 58.39ltrs (12.844 gallons) to fill the tank. The 640 miles was mostly 52mile (return) motorway trips to work each day but on the first few days there were a few short journeys also.

    Loving the car to date and fuel economy wise, I think overall i'm happy also, i changed from my petrol Focus hoping to get 50mpg or more and on the first tank i got that (rounding up!). Given that the weather is still quite cold, the first 7 days were especially cold (-2C one morning), i'm assuming this is the minimum i can expect. Perhaps in the coming months when it warms up i can expect 3-5mpg more?

    A few questions spring to mind:

    1. I find it strange that the trip computer has under estimated the MPG, most cars over estimate it?
    2. Even though the trip computer was showing 45miles left, going by my calculations, there must be at least 6 litres left, which is prob about 70 odd miles, maybe bit more. Again, under estimating. I guess this is no bad thing for remaining miles, gives you a bit more of a buffer. But i wouldn't stretch it, i always try to fill as soon as the light comes on.
    3. I've just done 100 miles non stop since i filled, about 30miles were motorway, average speed 53mph. Computer currently shows 48mpg, possible 52-53 if it is under estimating again. I tried real hard to get the MPG up on this journey, not sure how others get the computer to show 50mpg+ ?! :Aghast:

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    Hi RON

    Interesting to see that your computer is underestimating the MPG, as mine is doing exactly the same. On my last fill up the computer was showing 49.5 but my actual was 55.2. It is looking promising as the car has done only just over 2k miles and as you say the weather has been cold. However virtually all the driving has been on Motorways or good A roads and I have not yet had to sit in a traffic jam. I did wonder whether the mileometer was perhaps over recording but it seems to be pretty accurate based on a 100 mile journey where the distance shown is exactly the same as in my two previous vehicles.

    My objective is to eventually match TDK's 919 miles between fill ups!
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    Given your driving style RON, you will see north of 50mpg soon enough. The I-DTEC does underestimate MPG quite wildly depending on your travel patterns.

    don't forget, the 919 miles was nearly *all* m-way as well - higher gear, constant speed. It is very much achievable IMHO.:Hey: